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Al Mina Mosque, Hurghada

Al Mina (or El Mina) Mosque was built in 1968 and is the largest mosque in the city. This mosque cost 20-million pounds to build and sits next to the marina at Hurghada, right on the waterfront. Built out of pure white marble, this impressive building has two magnificent minarets, each about 40-metres high and the facades of the building are decorated with traditional, oriental ornaments and carvings.

The inside of the mosque has an inner hall which is very rich and colourful, with magnificent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, elaborate arches, carved and engraved walls and a 25-metre- high dome. The Al Mina Mosque has been open to the public since 2012 and you can visit on your own or join a guided tour, but remember that women are required to cover their heads, shoulders and legs before going inside.

Even such a large building isn’t big enough to house everyone attending Friday prayers or large Muslim holidays, so there are pergolas and structures in the courtyard to accommodate the worshippers.