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Sand City Hurghada

Sand City is an open-air museum made up of two very different concepts. The first – Historical/Mythological Art, features historical sand sculptures depicting various legends, famous military leaders and other legendary characters. There are 12 sculptures and 18 wall statues, as well as some 3D statues.

The second – Wonderland Art, consists of 23, 3D statues of various Walt Disney characters and 10 wall statues which illustrate different children’s stories. Nothing but compressed sand and water is used to make the figures, which then sets rock hard. The outer surfaces of the statues are treated with varnish as a protection against the weather. There is also a workshop called the Magic Castle, where the children can learn how to make sand sculptures suited to their ages and abilities.

Sand City is open during the day and in the evening and as well as the museum it has a shop selling souvenirs and a coffee shop. A lovely place for the whole family to spend some time together.