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From wine tasting to water skiing, Paris provides countless activities to suit the interests of every visitor. Book yourself onto a river cruise and enjoy a delicious meal as you take a leisurely cruise down the Seine and take in the surroundings of the city. Keep active on an educational walking tour, rent a bike and cycle past the iconic sights or hike in the nearby countryside.


Treat yourself to a city tour with a touch of luxury aboard the Paris Bustronome, which combines a sightseeing tour with a gourmet meal aboard a luxury bus. The comfortable double-decker bus features premium seating and a glass roof to give you an unimpaired view of all the passing landmarks, all while you tuck into a plate of scrumptious food.

The tour has a jam-packed itinerary, including calls at Paris’s most iconic sights, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees and the Champ de Mars gardens. An audio guide is also available in eight different languages, allowing you to get a more comprehensive understanding of the passing sights and scenery.

Meanwhile, the menu includes a range of indulgent dishes, such as duck breast and fillet of char fish. It’s a great way to see the city’s most famous sights in one afternoon or evening, while also enjoying a magnificent meal.

Cabaret Show at Moulin Rouge

Originally opening over 130 years ago in 1889, the Moulin Rouge in Paris is the spiritual home of cabaret, so there is nowhere more fitting to enjoy this classical form of entertainment than in this very building. The venue is the birthplace of the famous can-can dance, which would later evolve into its own form of entertainment, leading to the introduction of cabaret theatres across Europe.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Sean X Liu.

Today, this famous 850 capacity venue is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Paris. It has hosted thousands of iconic shows over the years, with thousands more set to be enjoyed in the future. So, get yourself a ticket and be part of these fabulous shows on your trip to Paris; just be ready for a night filled with champagne, extravagant costumes and even more extravagant dancing.

The building itself reflects the traditional features and architecture of the original, including its large red windmill roof as well as its old-style French decor interior, creating a truly classy ambience.


Cycling in France’s capital is a great way to explore landscapes located off-the-beaten-track, travel speedily to different locations and experience the winding streets and vibrant roads here.

Glide past the different and diverse arrondissements on exciting cycling trips and tours, or take advantage of the easily-accessible bike rental options which feature across this bustling city.

The Vélib’ rental scheme offers travellers the chance to explore this wondrous city on two wheels. This cycling scheme makes discovering Paris by bike easy and affordable; holidaymakers can rent a bike from up to a day or even for a whole week. Simply swipe your debit or credit card at one of many Velib’ station points and pedal away, paying a small fee for a number of trips throughout the duration of your ride.

Or, embark on one of many bike tours here. The Parisian Day Bike Tour, with cycle operator Bike About Tours, will take you to the iconic houses of Jim Morrison and Victor Hugo and the unique night tour they offer will take you to watch a gorgeous Paris sunset. 

Disneyland Paris

For those travelling to Paris with their family, Disneyland Paris is a must-visit attraction. The highly celebrated theme parks are loved around the world, appealing to travellers of all ages and interests, from kids looking to get a selfie with their cartoon heroes to thrill-seekers looking to be whisked through the air at high speeds.

The list of incredible wonders found at this resort is almost as long as the rollercoasters themselves, giving you a great variety of activities to enjoy. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ride exciting and unforgettable rides, before witnessing enchanting parades, spectacular landmarks and incredible fireworks displays, all while meeting your favourite Disney characters.

As well as its two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park), Disneyland Paris also consists of a shopping district, Disney Village, where there are shops, restaurants, a cinema and shows. Disneyland Park is the main park where you will find most of the famous attractions, while Walt Disney Studios offers a Disney-themed film park.

Eiffel Tower Climbing Tour & Glass Floor Experience

Often used as the symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower is the country’s most famous landmark and is the most-visited paid monument in the world, attracting just short of seven million visitors in 2015. This iconic tower stands at a height of 324 metres and was opened in 1889 as the entrance to that year’s World’s Fair at the Champ de Mars, where it still stands today.

As well as taking in the tower from a distance at ground level, visitors can ascend to its 900-foot observation deck, to see unrivalled views of the city. It is the highest observation deck of its kind in the European Union and there is even a champagne bar at the top, allowing you to enjoy a drink while you savour the views.

On your way to the top, stop off on the first floor at 57 metres high, which features a glass bottom that allows you to look down at the other visiting tourists below. Then, ascend to the second floor, where you can grab a bite to eat with a view in one of the tower’s restaurants.


There is a host of hiking and walking trails to explore when in Paris, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rambler. So, don’t think you can’t enjoy climbing up the gorgeous landscapes this capital city has to offer if you haven’t been hiking before; that’s what specialised tours and guides are for.

With so much to discover on foot, you would be silly not to explore the wonderful trails on offer here. Why not admire the intricate and impressive Renaissance architecture at Château de Fontainebleau, before you hike across the luscious Fontainebleau (formerly royal) forest, admiring the tall trees and the famous Fontainebleau rocks along the way?

As well as hiking the varied landscapes belonging to this exquisite city, there are also plenty of free walking tours for travellers to embark on, to enjoy strolls at a steadier pace. Walk with a knowledgeable, passionate and professional local guide on SANDEMANs three-hour Free Tour of Paris, taking you to the likes of Palais de la Cité and on leisurely walks across the banks of the River Seine.

Indoor Skydiving

Defy gravity during your getaway to Paris by embarking on a thrilling indoor skydiving adventure. The iFLY Paris experience is an activity not to be missed during your time in France’s progressive capital city, featuring a full-strength wind tunnel for an adrenaline-induced indoor skydiving adventure. What’s great about this unique free fall activity is that even children from as young as five years old can take part, so the whole family can soar above the ground in the tallest glass tube in the world.

Slip into your iFLY skydiving suit, put your earplugs in, your protective helmet on and then let the real fun begin. Make funny faces to friends and family as the wind blows and enjoy ascending towards the top of the glass tunnel with ease. This truly is an experience like no other, so if you’re looking for a great group activity to enjoy with family and friends, or are venturing on a solo trip and seek adventure, this is the place to be.

Le Ballon de Paris Generali

Located in the central public park of Parc André Citroën, Le Ballon de Paris Generali is a huge helium balloon which gives you a breathtaking aerial view of the city. Gently rising from the floor to the sky, the tethered balloon allows you to see Paris as you’ve never seen it before. It was opened in 1999 to celebrate the beginning of a new millennium and has since carried over 500,000 people 300m in the sky.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Aero4.

If you’re afraid of heights but don’t want to miss out on the incredible views of the city, you can still see the same views with your feet planted firmly on the ground, thanks to the virtual reality service on offer. This provides footage of the views from the balloon which you can enjoy on a virtual reality headset, allowing you to experience rising into the sky in the balloon, without having to step outside your comfort zone.

River cruises

Paris is a vibrant city filled with iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, as well as beautiful landscapes and gorgeous districts. All of these sights can be taken in during an unforgettable river cruise down the Seine. 

See Paris’s stunning landscapes by day and admire the glittering waters of the river itself on a Bateaux Mouches Seine Cruise, which is the oldest cruise boat operator in Paris, beginning their services after World War II. Thanks to the double-decker design and the open-top boats this operator offers, travellers can bask in the sunshine while cruising across the water.

Alternatively, embark on a luxury nighttime boat ride on one of the many Seine River dinner cruises, where you will see the wonderful spectacle of Paris lit up in the evening, gliding past fascinating tourist attractions and savouring delicious cuisine along the way. These river cruises are held on boats which feature specialist enclosed areas, so you can enjoy your food while taking in the scenery thanks to the glass-domed design, which makes for excellent viewing. 

Sewers of Paris

Having featured in a number of popular films and stories, the famous Sewers of Paris are the large underground network of tunnels used to dispose of the city’s wastewater. Today, they are also home to a museum, where visitors can learn about the history of their construction, making it one of the city’s quirkiest attractions.

Throughout your visit, you’ll see a multitude of interesting sights, such as the sewers’ large pipes, a huge basin used to filter solid materials from the water and an array of sewage maintenance equipment used to support the sewers throughout their existence, including a great wooden ball which was once used to clean the tunnels.

You’ll also get to see exhibits which depict the sewers’ history including details about their planning and construction, with mannequins used to recreate the scenes. A small theatre can be found here, too, so that you can watch a short video which supports these exhibits and helps bring your newly learned facts to life.

Theme Parks

Paris is not just famous for its stunning natural landscapes, sunshine and fine wine, it is also home to an abundance of thrilling theme parks. From small to large, there is a theme park for every type of adventurous traveller to enjoy in Paris.

Disneyland Paris is the city’s most iconic theme park; famously known across the globe, it offers the adventure of a lifetime for children and adults alike, with sister theme parks located in the likes of Florida and Tokyo, to name just a few. Ride around a haunted mansion on the amazing Big Thunder Mountain and get a photo taken along the way or soar above the skies with the little ones in a carriage on Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Smaller theme park attractions also feature in Paris. Take the Tuileries Funfair, available to visit over the summer months, which is filled with a varied range of fun attractions for families, couples and singles to enjoy. Hop on the authentic 1900 merry-go-round here, bounce on massive trampolines or take a ride in the bumper cars.

Tour de France

A great time to travel to Paris is around mid-July when the finale of the world’s most famous bike ride arrives in the city: The Tour de France. It is considered to be the most difficult bike race in the world, consisting of 21 stages which take place over 23 days, during which riders tackle a myriad of different terrains and environments.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Josh Hallett.

The route winds all over the country, before ultimately finishing in Paris on the final weekend, where the winner of this epic race is finally decided. En route, the cyclists pass some of Paris’s most famous monuments, before racing down the iconic Champs-Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe and finish line.

Take in this hair-raising moment and witness sporting history unfold in front of you, as riders from all teams race past you to complete the biggest race of their lives. This spectacle is a bucket list item for cycling fans and sports lovers around the world and is one of the biggest annual events in all of Paris.

Virtual Reality Flight Over Paris

Discover a totally unique way to experience the beautiful sights in France’s iconic capital city, by booking a virtual reality flight over Paris. The FlyView Paris Jet Pack Experience is an activity not to be missed and requires next to no planning for a good 35 minutes’ worth of fun and exploration.

Access the FlyView Paris Jet Pack Experience in the heart of the city, on the Place de l’Opéra. Here, you can savour panoramic views of the spectacular scenery in your own virtual world. Travellers can book onto this exciting and futuristic sightseeing tour, with the ‘flight’ taking around 15 minutes and the overall experience amounting to around 35 minutes.

You will be strapped into a 360° VR pod, where you will soar above the virtual skies of Paris through unique film footage, originally captured by drones with special access to certain areas of Paris and its popular monuments.

This unique activity is especially popular amongst families; it provides an affordable way to discover Paris’s sights and the interactive show will certainly keep the little ones dazzled.

Water Skiing

During a holiday to Paris, you can expect so much more than historical monuments and tasty, flaky pastries. In fact, water activities can be found in abundance here and water skiing is a popular pastime for adventurous travellers looking to skim the glittering waters of the Seine.

Water skiing is truly exhilarating; holidaymakers and locals alike are strapped into two sliding skis which are towed by a motorboat at 25-30 mph. Beginners can feel at ease water skiing for the first time thanks to the helpful, in-depth advice and specialised exercises provided by your chosen guide, who will decide what level of speed is best for your ability.  

Embark on this thrilling activity with your travel companions, or even if your holiday party is a little less adventurous than you, head to the waters on your own. You are certainly guaranteed to enjoy the experience of a lifetime when taking up this exciting sport during your Parisian getaway.

Wine Tasting

What better way to spend your leisure time in Paris than by sampling this city’s finest wines? There is a diverse range of knowledge-filled wine tasting tours and activities available for travellers to book onto, where visitors to Paris can get a real taste for delicious wines, learning the process that leads to the end product, from the grape to the glass.

Book onto wine and cheese pairing tours with Wine Tasting In Paris, located in the Latin Quarter. Here, you will try a selection of four kinds of cheese (carefully chosen by the iconic cheesemaker, Beillevaire), as well as four wines locally sourced in the region, ranging from fruity to dry bottles.

Alternatively, venture on a Burgundy Winery Tour, departing from Paris and taking you to sample the finest wines around, in an air-conditioned vehicle. Enjoy visiting three varied wineries and tasting over 10 different wines, from the likes of crisp white and fruity rosé to soft red wine. On this incredible tour, holidaymakers can peruse famous wine cellars and discover all there is to know about this delicious and fascinating drink.