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Food and Drink, Paris

Foodies, look no further than Paris for a getaway to satisfy your palate. From the opportunity to sample local delicacies like escargot to tasting authentic French bread and sweet pastries, Paris is home to an enormous selection of eateries offering beautifully prepared dishes. Aside from diverse eateries, there is also a vibrant nightlife here; offering some of the classiest clubs in Europe.


If you are in search of gastronomic excellence in Paris, look no further than ASPIC, a small and quaint restaurant owned by chef Quentin Giroud. Attention to detail and the finest ingredients are key to this bistro’s success.

In fact, ASPIC’s motto is “trust us for one evening!”, and their quest for absolute perfection in each dish they serve is evident since they only serve a fixed seven-course menu. This guarantees that each and every ingredient is completely fresh and meticulously prepared for a unique and flawless dining experience.

Choose from a selection of fine wines here, all selected from quality winemakers. The cooks will personally take you through what they have prepared, giving you a true taste of the culinary craftsmanship that goes into each dish. Farmed meats, fresh fish and freshly sourced herbs and spices are all key ingredients which go into ASPIC’s carefully crafted menu.

With only a small quantity of tables available, make sure you book this eatery in advance to avoid disappointment.

Bar Hemingway

The newly renovated Bar Hemingway can be found in The Ritz Paris and it exudes sophistication and class from every corner. From the leather booths and chairs to the wood panel walls, this bar is the epitome of French elegance.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Pablo Sanchez Martin.

Choose from a range of classic cocktails, such as martinis and French 75, as well as a delicious variety of aged liquors like cognac and port; that’s not forgetting the finest champagne – as you would expect from such a prestigious French bar.

The classic and stylish ambience here is enhanced with accessories, including an old-fashioned typewriter, a library and walls lined with intriguing photographs. There is also no piped music, which encourages bar-goers to socialise.

If you happen to be staying at The Ritz, then this bar is the ideal place to enjoy an evening drink either before or after an evening out. That being said, so many people visit Bar Hemingway no matter where they are staying in Paris, simply to admire and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere.

Café Marlette

Whether you are in search of somewhere to enjoy a hearty breakfast or just a spot to stop and while away a few hours over some delicious coffee with your friends or family, Paris’s Café Marlette is the place to be.

Café Marlette has a huge menu of brunches and breakfasts, so you can enjoy anything from a hard-boiled egg to muesli, avocado on toast or something completely different; the vast variety available here promises not to disappoint.

Fresh French bread is available to eat every day here; making the perfect complement to the ever-changing soup of the day, which is also prepared the same day. That is not forgetting the range of delectable desserts on offer, including the wide variety of fresh cakes and fluffy pancakes served with fresh fruit.

Café Marlette’s interior is rustic and quaint, making for a cosy ambience that will make you want to stay for more than one coffee. Plus, there’s also a terrace which is ideal for dining al fresco in the sunnier months.

Experimental Cocktail Club

The Experimental Cocktail Club opened in 2007 and was a complete revolution to the Paris bar industry. In fact, many owners of newer cocktail bars started off here.

Reminiscent of a speakeasy bar from the 1930s, the Experimental Cocktail Club is a trendy and chic place to call in for a few drinks and is the perfect place to round off a vibrant night on the town in Paris. Plus, as the name suggests, you will be tasting a wild and exotic range of experimental cocktails, which promise to completely awaken your taste buds.

For the majority of the week, the club’s DJ will begin the evening by playing American jazz and blues, before cranking it up to more upbeat music as the evening gets into full swing; this just enhances the speakeasy feel. The Experimental Cocktail Club offers a bustling atmosphere within a cosy room, made even livelier by people dancing to the music.

Hank Burger

Being a veggie or vegan traveller in Paris doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious burger; Hank Burger, located in both Lyon and Paris, will be the answer to your prayers. Open every day of the year, Hank Burger’s fantastic team offer a warm welcome as you step inside and put plenty of work into crafting your burger of choice.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Roxanne Sévigny.

Whether you choose to eat in or place an order to take away, you can either sink into the comfortable cushions in this ‘canteen’, or the staff will pack a mouthwatering little bag for you to take away. If you opt to eat in, you can also enjoy the free WiFi, as well as a varied selection of music to listen to.

Hank Burger also offers an array of irresistible desserts, allowing you to indulge your sweet tooth after polishing off your burger. Aside from a completely meat-free menu, you can also enjoy the freshest vegetables, authentic French pastries and a wide selection of beverages.

Local Cuisine

Paris is one of the world’s most culturally rich capitals, meaning there is no shortage of fine eateries located all over the city.

A smorgasbord of cheese is just waiting to be tasted when you take a holiday to Paris; what better time to become a cheese connoisseur? Enjoy one of the most iconic foodstuffs France has to offer, with the likes of brie, camembert, cantal and countless other types of cheeses to try while you stroll around Paris.

For sweet-toothed travellers, the countless local patisseries dotted around Paris simply cannot be missed. Indulge your taste buds by sampling an enormous range of delicious, authentic Parisian pastries, baked that very same day. Croissants, macarons, eclairs and many more delectable treats await you. That’s not forgetting the irresistible chocolates made in Paris by expert chocolatiers, so be sure to pick up a box or three to take home.

For avid meat-eaters, don’t miss the opportunity to dine on the likes of authentic beef bourguignon, duck confit and a range of seafood delicacies such as oysters and buttered snails.

Outdoor Bars in Paris

From beer gardens to roof terraces, outdoor bars in Paris come in all shapes and sizes. Drink and dine in the fresh air for a scenic backdrop, while soaking up the vibrant ambience (which is inescapable on the streets of Paris).

Paris has plenty of outdoor bars to choose from, no matter what type of food and drinks you are looking for. Le Zyriab by Noura is a breathtaking roof terrace atop the Institut du Monde Arabe, which offers beautiful views and is also surprisingly quiet outside of lunch and dinner. This tasty Lebanese restaurant also houses a daytime cafe for all ages.

Ô Paris is another popular bar which boasts a vibrant terrace, offering views of the entire city and its many incredible landmarks. Regularly populated by all ages, from seniors to children, there is a cosy and homey atmosphere that welcomes all holidaymakers. Or, head to Le Café Marly, which overlooks the Louvre’s glass pyramid and offers a sophisticated and cultured ambience to accompany your refreshing drinks outside.

Paris Dinner Cruise

There aren’t many more romantic or memorable ways to take in the sights and sounds of Paris in the evening than dining on the River Seine aboard a cruise boat. From fine dining to live music, a vast selection of Paris dinner cruises is available to suit the taste of all diners looking for a scenic culinary experience.

With dinner cruises lasting for over two hours, you will have more than enough time to absorb the stunning sights of Paris’s streets illuminated in the evening. Enjoy four courses and delightful conversation with other diners aboard a sleek and elegant vessel, which will take you down the River Seine at a leisurely speed.

Many of these cruises include live music, providing spectacular entertainment and setting a celebratory vibe aboard the boat. These dinner cruises don’t need to break the bank, either; many operators offer affordable trips which certainly don’t compromise on quality.

Rooftop bars

Take in panoramic Parisian views by enjoying drinks at one of the many rooftop bars scattered throughout this magical city. Providing you with unrivalled vantage points to see the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, you will have a romantic and scenic backdrop while you savour a glass of wine.

For some of the finest views Paris has to offer, head to The Cube Bar on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette department store. With a 360-degree view over the city, notable scenery includes the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Palais Garnier opera house. You don’t need to fear the cold if you are visiting Paris in the chillier months, either; the rooftop igloos ensure you keep nice and cosy.

Café de l’Homme provides a contemporary and stylish ambience. This French restaurant and rooftop bar offers a terrace, ideal for soaking up some sun or admiring the sights of Paris at night. With fine dining, a broad range of wines and mixology cocktails, this elegant rooftop bar is both sophisticated and welcoming to all.

Rose Bakery

Run by a Franco-British couple, Rose Bakery is famed for its quality ingredients, all of which are either organic or sourced from independent producers. With a menu which boasts a diverse selection, Rose Bakery is sure to have something to suit your palate.

The DIY salad plate lets you add what you like from the cafe’s range of fresh, crunchy ingredients. Thin-crust pizzas provide you with a delicious and spicy main, and the ever-changing soup of the day is also completely fresh.

The minimalist dining room is a cosy and welcoming place for foodies to enjoy their meals. The favourite drink for British travellers – tea, is available in large quantities at Rose Bakery; choose from English breakfast or Earl Grey, green tea, Sencha Fukuyu or Rooibos. There’s also coffee, hot chocolate and various soft drinks available.

Diners will also have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a mouthwatering dessert, so savour gluten-free lemon polenta cake, sticky toffee pudding or rose and lemon cake.


If you are in search of gourmet cuisine in an intimate and sophisticated setting, look no further than Signature. This chic bistro offers exquisite food and also serves as a wine bar and shop, making it the ideal place to enjoy a slow-sipping glass of fine wine.

Located along the bustling Rue des Trois Frères, this eatery is ideal for dining in the evening, whether you are a solo traveller, with your partner or travelling with a group of friends. Dine on the likes of gravlax salmon, veal and stuffed lamb and choose from a range of mouthwateringly irresistible desserts, including brownies and real fruit ice cream.

Signature features an incredible wine cellar, too, accompanied by handy advice from friendly connoisseurs, who are happy to offer guidance on the best deals, as well as tips on how to build up your own wine cellar.