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Food and Drink, Paris

Foodies, look no further than Paris for a getaway to satisfy your palate. From the opportunity to sample local delicacies like escargot to tasting authentic French bread and sweet pastries, Paris is home to an enormous selection of eateries offering beautifully prepared dishes. Aside from diverse eateries, there is also a vibrant nightlife here; offering some of the classiest clubs in Europe.


If you are in search of gastronomic excellence in Paris, look no further than ASPIC, a small and quaint restaurant owned by chef Quentin Giroud. Attention to detail and the finest ingredients are key to this bistro’s success.


Bar Hemingway

The newly renovated Bar Hemingway can be found in The Ritz Paris and it exudes sophistication and class from every corner. From the leather booths and chairs to the wood panel walls, this bar is the epitome of French elegance.


Café Marlette

Whether you are in search of somewhere to enjoy a hearty breakfast or just a spot to stop and while away a few hours over some delicious coffee with your friends or family, Paris’s Café Marlette is the place to be.


Experimental Cocktail Club

The Experimental Cocktail Club opened in 2007 and was a complete revolution to the Paris bar industry. In fact, many owners of newer cocktail bars started off here. Reminiscent of a speakeasy bar from the 1930s, the Experimental Cocktail Club is a trendy and chic place…


Hank Burger

Being a veggie or vegan traveller in Paris doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious burger; Hank Burger, located in both Lyon and Paris, will be the answer to your prayers. Open every day of the year, Hank Burger’s fantastic team offer a warm welcome as you step inside.


Local Cuisine

Paris is one of the world’s most culturally rich capitals, meaning there is no shortage of fine eateries located all over the city. A smorgasbord of cheese is just waiting to be tasted when you take a holiday to Paris; what better time to become a cheese connoisseur?


Outdoor Bars in Paris

From beer gardens to roof terraces, outdoor bars in Paris come in all shapes and sizes. Drink and dine in the fresh air for a scenic backdrop, while soaking up the vibrant ambience (which is inescapable on the streets of Paris).


Paris Dinner Cruise

There aren’t many more romantic or memorable ways to take in the sights and sounds of Paris in the evening than dining on the River Seine aboard a cruise boat. From fine dining to live music, a vast selection of Paris dinner cruises are available…


Rooftop bars

Take in panoramic Parisian views by enjoying drinks at one of the many rooftop bars scattered throughout this magical city. Providing you with unrivalled vantage points to see the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, you will have a romantic…


Rose Bakery

Run by a Franco-British couple, Rose Bakery is famed for its quality ingredients, all of which are either organic or sourced from independent producers. With a menu which boasts a diverse selection, Rose Bakery is sure to have something to suit your palate.



If you are in search of gourmet cuisine in an intimate and sophisticated setting, look no further than Signature. This chic bistro offers exquisite food and also serves as a wine bar and shop…