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ASPIC, Paris

If you are in search of gastronomic excellence in Paris, look no further than ASPIC, a small and quaint restaurant owned by chef Quentin Giroud. Attention to detail and the finest ingredients are key to this bistro’s success.

In fact, ASPIC’s motto is “trust us for one evening!”, and their quest for absolute perfection in each dish they serve is evident since they only serve a fixed seven-course menu. This guarantees that each and every ingredient is completely fresh and meticulously prepared for a unique and flawless dining experience.

Choose from a selection of fine wines here, all selected from quality winemakers. The cooks will personally take you through what they have prepared, giving you a true taste of the culinary craftsmanship that goes into each dish. Farmed meats, fresh fish and freshly sourced herbs and spices are all key ingredients which go into ASPIC’s carefully crafted menu.

With only a small quantity of tables available, make sure you book this eatery in advance to avoid disappointment.