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Bar Hemingway, Paris

The newly renovated Bar Hemingway can be found in The Ritz Paris and it exudes sophistication and class from every corner. From the leather booths and chairs to the wood panel walls, this bar is the epitome of French elegance.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Pablo Sanchez Martin.

Choose from a range of classic cocktails, such as martinis and French 75, as well as a delicious variety of aged liquors like cognac and port; that’s not forgetting the finest champagne – as you would expect from such a prestigious French bar.

The classic and stylish ambience here is enhanced with accessories, including an old-fashioned typewriter, a library and walls lined with intriguing photographs. There is also no piped music, which encourages bar-goers to socialise.

If you happen to be staying at The Ritz, then this bar is the ideal place to enjoy an evening drink either before or after an evening out. That being said, so many people visit Bar Hemingway no matter where they are staying in Paris, simply to admire and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere.