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Catacombs Of Paris

Situated beneath the busy streets of the capital, the Catacombs of Paris is an eerie yet fascinating attraction which is home to the remains of over six million people.

Dating back to the 1770s, the underground tunnel was opened as a way of dealing with Paris’s overflowing cemeteries. As the problem reached a point of critical urgency, the decision was made to ban burials, remove bodies from cemeteries and place their remains within a network of underground tunnels, which originally formed part of the city’s old stone quarries.

In 1810, the catacombs were re-organised to form a visitable mausoleum; the bones and skulls were stacked in a pattern to create walls of bones, resulting in the chilling sight which greets visitors today. Those who do visit can see this remarkable sight for themselves, while also learning all about the site’s history and the lives of those whose remains are laid there.