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Day Trips, Greece

Greece is a country which is surrounded by history and culture around practically every corner. That’s why Greece holidays are so popular with culture buffs and those who want to view iconic landmarks like the ancient ruins of Delphi, the Acropolis of Athens or the Parthenon. Fortunately, these and so many more can be packed into the various day trips and excursions you can arrange during your holiday to Greece.

Full day tours to the ancient ruins of Corinth never fail to disappoint visitors from all over the world, every year. Spend a day exploring the beautiful remains of one of the most historic parts of Greece.

For a day trip that’s truly unique pay a visit to the Cave of Lakes in Kalavrita. This old subterranean river crossing is on three levels and, during the summer, consists of 13 beautiful lakes.

Day trips don’t have to consist of history, though. Greece is also a metropolis for shopping and soaking up the latest in art and theatre.