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Museums, Greece

Whether you’re a culture buff, historian, art lover or archaeology enthusiast, Greece is home to so many museums, each dedicated to certain aspects of this remarkable country’s heritage.

One of the most popular museums in Greece is the Acropolis Museum. Enter the wondrous world of ancient Athens and view the original artefacts found on the sacred rock of Acropolis. Voted by the British Guild of Travel as “the best museum in the world”, the Acropolis Museum gives you the chance to see statues, artwork, dine in the second-floor restaurant which offers panoramic views of Acropolis and much more.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is another popular attraction. The permanent exhibition is centred around the history of the Delphic sanctuary and oracle, which spans from prehistory to late antiquity.

Alternatively, another choice is the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes’ Old Town. Gaze upon the beautiful mosaic floors of ancient Roman art, brought by the Italians from Kos. View the stunning ballroom and wander around the interior yard.