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Night Tours, Greece

Greece doesn’t just have to be explored during the day, it is just as vibrant and exciting in the evening, too. Greece holidays give you the chance to embark on a guided night tour of various places of interest on the islands.

Probably the most popular tour is the Athens Night Sightseeing tour. So many of Athens’ famous landmarks are illuminated in the evening, making it an enchanting way to see the sights. Visit the Parthenon, which will be lit up by floodlights, and gaze at the stunning architecture from a completely different perspective. Round this tour off with an authentic Greek dinner show, where you can watch traditional Greek dancing over a meal of exquisite cuisine.

The evening tour of the incredible village of Oia is also immensely popular with holidaymakers. Watch the sunset as you head out on a night in Fira town, visiting the most romantic spots and visiting some of the island’s oldest bars.