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Wineries, Greece

Greece is home to a vast selection of wineries, each making a wide variety of delicious wine. Greece holidays are ideal for a wine connoisseur looking to experience a new flavour, or someone who just wants to learn more about the winemaking process.

Head to Santorini, the home of most of Greece’s vineyards, to visit Domaine Sigalas, which is spread over 3.70 hectares of land. The grapes are organically farmed and the winery works with over 100 small grape farmers, ensuring local and traditional customers are preserved as well as the wine they produce. Enjoy a private tour of the vineyard, followed by a seminar on wine and gastronomy.

Santo Wines, built right on the caldera, is one of Santorini’s more modern wineries, having been completed in 1992. Visitors can choose from a selection of wine tours, which will be led by expert guides who will describe the stages in the winemaking process, from grape reception to bottling.