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Balos Beach, Greece

Hiding towards the north west tip of Crete between the Cape Gramvousa and Cape Tigani, is a beach like no other; Balos Beach. The stunning mountainous views, soft white sands and beautiful turquoise waters make this one of the most popular beaches in Crete. The beach’s natural beauty has made it a major attraction for all visitors to the island; Prince Charles and Princess Diana even visited the beach once on their private yacht.

Also sometimes referred to as Balos Lagoon, Balos Beach is a dream for nature lovers. It is often frequented by a range of wildlife, including seals, sea turtles, falcons and even mountain goats. For this reason, the beach has been made a protected area, to ensure that the rare wildlife’s habitat remains intact for future generations. The waters are warm and shallow towards the shore, but deeper areas which are full of fauna and flora can be found further out, ideal for avid swimmers and snorkelers. A number of canteens are on site to provide visitors with refreshments.