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Lalaria Beach, Greece

Named after the Greek word for pebbles, Lalaria beach is one of Greece’s most famous and picturesque beaches, with turquoise waters and fascinating rock formations providing the perfect backdrop for visitors to take in while they unwind. This beautiful beach, which sits on the northern coast of Skiathos, is made up of pristine white pebbles which are naturally formed only in the area of Lalaria beach, making this the only beach in the world you can see pebbles as round and white as they are here.

The beach’s distinctive arch rock formation, known as Tripia Petra, features on many Skiathos post cards and it is said that those who swim through it get younger over time. Lalaria beach is only accessible by boat from Skiathos Town port, but it is more than worth the short 10 kilometre trip. It is essential that holidaymakers in Skiathos visit this stunning, unique beach at some point during their stay.