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Shipwreck Bay, Greece

Navagio Beach, better known as Shipwreck Bay, is one of the most iconic beaches in Greece. The exposed cove, which lies in Zayknthos, is home to the shipwreck of the MV Panagiotis freight liner, which ran aground when sailing in poor conditions. The ship was thought to be smuggling contraband items like wine and cigarettes, giving the Bay a third name of “Smugglers Cove”.

The shipwreck adds a unique twist to this already spectacular beach. The golden sands are surrounded by spectacular towering cliffs which are a pristine white colour. The cliffs combine perfectly with the inviting turquoise waters, creating a picture perfect backdrop; it is referred to by some as the most beautiful beach in the world. The beach is bedded into the coastal cliffs of Zayknthos, meaning it is only accessible by boat, but boat trips to the beach are widely available, making it accessible for tourists looking to visit the beach and see the unique, stunning scenery in person.