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Thapsa Beach, Greece

Thapsa Beach is one of the most glorious hidden gems on the Greek island of the Euboea. This remote beach is a natural utopia which can only be reached via a 4X4 car, as the road that leads down to it is a 10 kilometre dirt track. However, when you arrive you will be rewarded with a magnificent landscape of bright white pebbles, tranquil blue waters and grass topped cliffs. The beach is west facing, which along with the cliffs, helps to provide protection from the strong northern winds which are regularly present in the area.

In order to maintain the its natural beauty, no leisure facilities have been established on Thapsa beach, so you will need to bring your own to supplies and refreshments if you intend to stay here for the whole day. Try to refrain from leaving early though, or you risk missing out on seeing one of the magical sunsets which can regularly be seen here at the end of the day.