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Boat trips, Corfu

The many boat trips available in Corfu provide visitors with an array of choice, with plenty of different boat rides to choose from, from family-focused trips to party adventures.

For groups seeking adrenaline filled adventures while on holiday in Corfu, take a trip on the Crazy Speedboat in Kavos. Embark on a wild water adventure as you watch the boat skim across the sea’s surface and feel the sea breeze rushing against your skin. What’s great about this activity is it offers diversity; you have the option to dive deep into the ocean and snorkel in The Blue Lagoon.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing, family boat trip, hop on one of Captain Theo’s Boat Trips, located in Corfu Town’s Harbour. Take in the idyllic surroundings as you sail through the sapphire waters, to then find yourself sitting on a secluded island, while kebabs are barbequed for you.

Dive into the ocean or enjoy the water slide this boat provides and slip right into the ocean and have a splash with your family and friends. Theo is famous for his friendly and personal approach to every visitor who enters his boat.