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Strinilas village, Corfu

Strinilas village shows tourists the greener side of Greece, thanks to its surrounding forestry which provides the most enchanting views. What’s so impressive about this quaint village is its location, being perfectly positioned on top of the highest mountain in Corfu. So, if you’re sick of your sun lounger and want to see some Greek tradition, a trip over to Strinilas should be top of your ‘to do’ list. Even the houses that belong to Strinilas village are magical, with their carefully crafted architectural structure, bringing a unique feel to Strinilas and all it has to offer.

The famous elm tree that sits in the small village square will confirm that you have reached Strinilas. Once you’ve had a good look around on foot, stop for lunch at a local Tavernas; sit down and relax while you take in the wondrous views this village has to offer.

Finish your visit off with a tasting experience like no other. Try a glass of Strinilas’ locally brewed wine, Moschato, which is famous for its great taste and has been listed as one of the world’s high-quality wines.