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Beaches, Corfu

Corfu beaches are not only famous for their stunning surroundings, but level of cleanliness, too. In fact, 30 beaches have been awarded a Blue Flag – the merit for pristinely clean beaches. Among the fine golden sands are drastic, green backdrops with simply stunning scenery of mossy mountains. Barbati beach is a hit with families, thanks to its beautiful landscape and shallow waters for kids to splash and paddle away in.

Acharavi beach

Acharavi is one of most famous tourist resorts in Greece, situated 36 km from the main town of Corfu. One of the biggest attractions for visitors is Acharavi beach; stretching for 3 km, this beach offers clear blue waters and gorgeous golden sand, and is ideal for those who are in need of rest and relaxation.

Take a leisurely stroll along the coastline to unwind and listen to the sound of the waves, or enjoy a comfortable sunbathing experience. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for very reasonable prices and are located all along the beach.

Acharavi beach is a popular destination for families because it is a safe environment for children to play. Thanks to being in close proximity to Corfu’s main town, all the local tourist amenities are very accessible, as are local transport services and hotels. There are also a great deal of restaurants on hand, ranging from cafes to gourmet eateries.

Agios Spyridon Beach

Located on the eastern side of the north coast, Agios Spyridon beach is a small stretch of sand that slopes gently into the ocean, making it the perfect place for families to visit.

Why not rent a pedalo for an hour? They are available for hire at a great price. The shallow and warm waters of Agios Spyridon beach are perfect for children and adults alike to venture into, to have a splash about and a swim. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available to hire; there are also changing rooms and showers at the beach.

After a day of sun, sea and sand, you can call in at one of the restaurants that are located nearby for a bite to eat. Agios Spyridon beach is also just over the road from a small selection of bars to grab a drink. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll on the sand or somewhere for the kids to play, Agios Spyridon beach can suit your needs.


water sports abound at Asprokavos. Located in Kavos, Asprokavos gives families the option of enjoying an enormous range of activities on the water including water-skiing and jet-skiing, boat trips and parasailing. The beach itself is an idyllic spot to set down a towel and relax on the golden sands – while it may be a hype of activity in the sea, all is calm on dry land.

The crystal blue ocean is warm and quite shallow for a way out, making it a fun and safe beach for children to play in the water. This beach is surrounded by beautiful greenery, providing an unspoilt and idyllic setting for families, couples and singles alike to relax and enjoy the gorgeous Greek sunshine.

The beach is located in close proximity to a number of the area’s finest hotels and there are also a wide range of restaurants and bars situated a short walk away.

Barbati beach

Barbati beach is one of the cleanest beaches in all of Corfu. This pebble beach boasts warm and clear water as well as wonderful views of the mountains that surround Barbati beach.

Don’t let the lack of sand deter you from visiting Barbati beach to relax; sunbeds and parasols are available for hire and there is also a pool for swimmers. You have the option of taking a boat trip out to take in a panoramic view appreciate the true beauty of Corfu’s coastline.

If you’re in the mood for a swim, the sea is clean and shallow, making it a safe spot for adults and children alike to enjoy a dip in the ocean. There’s a wonderful array of bars and restaurants close to the beach, so be sure to grab a bite to eat and a drink in one of the local eateries after a day of fun in the sun.

Dassia beach

Located between the beautiful Greek villages of Gouvia and Ipsos, Dassia beach is situated approximately 13 km from the main town. Situated right in front of the village of Dassia, the beach is one of the most inviting spaces to relax in Greece. That being said, it is also one of the smallest beaches on the whole of the island of Corfu, stretching for a couple of kilometres.

The beach is a composite of both sand and pebbles, making it the perfect place to strike the balance between rest and play. There are two rows of sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors who are keen to sit back and enjoy the glorious Greek sunshine. However, if children want to play, there is plenty of golden sand, not to mention a shallow sea for them to play in.

Dassia beach also offers a wonderful view of the Albanian coasts and surrounding islands. The beach itself is very flat and easily accessed from the village.

Halikounas Beach

Halikounas beach is one of the most unspoiled in all of Corfu. Stretching for three kilometres, the beach has retained its natural beauty to provide visitors with a true representation of the incredible splendour of Corfu’s coast.

Halikounas Beach is known to get very busy during the tourist seasons but thanks to its length, there’s usually quieter spots towards the far ends. For families and those who are more interested in making a splash, the waters around the beach are clear, clean and warm, making it the perfect place to bring your children to play in the sea.

This strip of beach stretches out from the main island, so you can take a leisurely stroll along the shore and take in the gorgeous views of the mountains on one side of you and the stunning oceanic scenes on the other.

Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for hire for those who want to sunbathe.

Ipsos beach

Ipsos beach is easily reached from the resort of Ipsos, which is situated on the east coast of Corfu, about 15 kilometres from the main town. The beach runs alongside a gorgeous and quaint promenade that visitors can stroll down if they don’t want to get sand in their shoes.

The water is clean and clear, making it a safe place for people of all ages to take a dip, and there are sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent for those who are more interested in staying dry and soaking up the sun.

The beachfront is brimming with bars and souvenir shops to peruse, as well as a pharmacy and other local amenities. There are also plenty of restaurants close at hand, which offer you a gorgeous view of the ocean while you tuck into a delicious meal.

The Ipsos Beach Hotel is built right beside the beach itself, providing effortless access for those who are looking to make a holiday out of relaxing on Corfu’s golden sands.

Issos Beach

The sandy beach of Issos beach is a haven of quiet and tranquillity. It is sheltered from wind and is not usually overcrowded, making it ideal for those who are looking for some alone time. Take a long, relaxing stroll across the golden sands, taking in the breathtaking ocean views, or just sit back and listen to the sound of the waves.

The waters are very calm in the summer months, which is one of the reasons Issos beach is so popular with swimmers of all ages. It is also a favourite with those who enjoy water sports. Kiosks and cafes are located along the beachfront to offer snacks and cold drinks. There are also plenty of bars to grab an evening drink, as well as a selection of restaurants to satisfy your nightly appetite with a range of delicious dishes.

Issos beach is also handy for many of the hotels and apartments in the area.

Kanoni beach

Kanoni was once the capital and heart of Corfu; it is the go-to place to experience nature as well as the rich cultural history of the island. One of the star attractions in Kanoni is the spectacular beach.

The beach is located by a quaint fishing village which welcomes permit holders who want to fish in the water. The village includes a delightful bay that provides visitors with a glorious backdrop of boats bobbing on the water.

Kanoni beach is surrounded by rocks, which are perfect for climbing on and catching some sun. Well sheltered from the wind, the sea is calm and clear, making Kanoni the ideal beach to bring the family for a swim. There is also a healthy supply of nearby cafes and bars to grab a drink and something to eat without having to stray too far from the beach. Kanoni beach is also easily accessed from the village and many local hotels run trips to it.

Kavos Beach

Kavos’ beach is a golden stretch of sand that is the perfect place to relax on the island. Sheltered by the mountains, the sea is quiet and there is minimal wind. If you enjoy water sports and swimming, Kavos beach should be an essential location on your “must visit” list while in Corfu. The beach can be accessed very easily from the main town and there are a lot of apartments and hotels situated right by the beach for instant access.

Countless bars line the shoreline behind Kavos beach, so if you are looking for a beach that is also close to great nightlife, look no further than Kavos’ coast. That being said, there’s also a wide range of restaurants along the same strip, giving you the chance to enjoy an excellent meal as you feast your eyes on the ocean view.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire to keep bathers safe from the sun.

Sidari beach

Water sports and boats prove immensely popular at Sidari beach thanks to the sea being nice and calm. For the same reason, this area is also a hotspot for swimmers of all ages to take a dip in the warm, clear waters. Because of the safe swimming conditions, not to mention the golden sands, Sidari beach is a particular favourite with families.

That being said, couples and singles alike also flock to the sands to enjoy strolls along the shore and take in the magnificent mountains behind the beach. Sunbeds and beach umbrellas are available for hire to keep bathers safe from the sun, and there are plenty of opportunities to grab an ice cream, too.

Situated right beside Sidari beach are a wonderful array of bars and restaurants. The ocean provides a beautiful backdrop to a romantic meal on the patio of one of these fantastic eateries, which serve a range of food to suit your taste.