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Food and Drink, Corfu

A holiday to Corfu wouldn’t be complete without a trip over to Sadari, home to fantastic nightlife and exquisite bars. As well as a lively nightlife scene, Corfu offers some fine eateries to enjoy delicious food and ocean views. It’s worth a wander round Corfu town, where you can pick from a wonderful selection of restaurants. Restaurant Anthos is a popular spot, serving up top quality cuisine, large portions and a charming atmosphere.

Ammus Restaurant Café

Renowned for its inviting ambience and very friendly staff, the Ammus Restaurant Café is positioned to give its patrons a fantastic view of the Albanian coast. Situated at the water’s edge, the café offers a romantic setting to watch the sunset over the ocean as you dine on some of the most delicious Greek food in Corfu.

Eat inside to escape the midday sun or dine al fresco under a wooden canopy, right by the ocean. The Ammus Restaurant Café promises diners a unique experience in a truly magical setting. There is also a pool to take a dip, accompanied by several smaller, shallower pools.

If you are looking to get a taste for delicious Greek delicacies, mixed with genuine Greek family hospitality, look no further than the Ammus Restaurant Café. There are few restaurants in all of Corfu that offer such a dazzling oceanic view, combined with such divine cuisine.

Beachfront bars

Corfu’s coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world, and thankfully the island has a wide array of beachfront bars to help visitors enjoy the true magnificence of the Greek coast. The Sabbia all Day & Night Restaurant & Beach Bar is one such bar. Dine on some delicious Greek cuisine as you enjoy a cold drink and take in the glorious Greek sunset. The bar is located at the gorgeous Agios Gordios beach, offering an unrivalled ocean view.

The Ammos Bar is another option for holidaymakers who want to enjoy the sea view as they relax with a drink. Serving up a wide variety of delicious cocktails, Ammos Bar is considered to be one of the best bars in Corfu. Take your drink on the beach and watch the waves roll in. This bar can be found in Arillas.

The Wave Beach Bar is renowned for its amazing atmosphere and reasonable prices, and can also be found right on the beach.


The village of Benitses can be found just 12 kilometres south of Corfu Town. It is home to luxury hotels, a fantastic and varied music scene and, of course, a wonderful array of restaurants. If you are in the mood for traditional Greek cuisine or Chinese food, call in at the Flower Garden restaurant, which serves up both.

Klimataria has been open for 20 years and is a local favourite for those who have a love of seafood. All the dishes are prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients to ensure a truly delicious dining experience, every time. It is recommended you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you are more in the mood for Italian or Mediterranean cuisine, Kavouras is the eatery for you. This pizzeria serves up a sensational variety of pizzas, pasta dishes and Mediterranean delicacies. It is also renowned for its delectable desserts. Mythos is another local eatery that serves Italian cuisine, as well as housing a grill room for anyone in search of an excellent steak.

Cheap places to eat

Corfu is home to an innumerable amount of eateries, including some of the finest restaurants in Greece. However, there are still plenty of cheap places to eat on the island, which serve fantastic food for equally fantastic prices.

If you are in the mood for some brilliant Greek barbecue food for an affordable price, call in at Pane e Souvlaki. Located in Town Hall Square, patrons don’t just comment on the excellent food, but also the fine service. Pane e Souvlaki also serves a wonderful array of salads and desserts.

For traditional Greek cuisine, call in at Taverna Diporto. Few restaurants in Corfu serve such exquisite Greek food at such reasonable prices. There are plenty of Feta-based dishes and vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat, as well as a great deal of meat dishes, cooked to perfection.

For the vegans among you, da Roberto e Fei is an option diners on a budget. Possessing a Certificate of Excellence, this Italian eatery is perfect for those with a craving for pasta.

Local cuisine

No visit to Corfu would be complete without sampling some traditional local cuisine. Fortunately, there is a chance to grab a Greek bite on practically every Corfu street.

Why not begin your local cuisine journey with a salad? Served with only the freshest ingredients, the most famous Greek salad is called Horiatiki, which is prepared with cucumbers, tomatoes, Feta cheese, black olives, olive oil, onions and peppers. There are various other salad dishes prepared with beans, potatoes and chicken.

As you would expect from an island, Corfu is also home to a wide variety of fish dishes. Whether you are looking for fish soup, Greek delicacies or a full fish meal, Corfu can cater to your needs. Savuri is a particularly popular choice with tourists; consisting of fried fish in a garlic sauce and seasoned with rosemary, vinegar and raisin, this dish is truly delicious.

There’s also a huge choice of cheeses, snacks and sweets that are created on the island.

Ma Cocotte

Ma Cocotte Bar and Restaurant can be found in Kanoni and has been cited as one of the “must visit” eateries in Corfu.

Firstly, the bar is located on a mountain, meaning it offers patrons an unrivalled view of the Greek ocean. It is worth visiting Ma Cocotte purely for the view of the coastline, giving you and your travelling companions a truly magical atmosphere, creating a night you will remember forever. That being said, the service is also impeccable. Visitors are made to feel welcome from the moment they set foot in the door and the staff cater to your every need. Be sure to ask the barman for one of his special cocktails, which are sure to blow your mind and tantalise your taste buds.

You can also grab a delicious bite to eat at Ma Cotte; traditional Greek sandwiches and other snacks are prepared to order and complement your drinks perfectly.

Roussos Restaurant

Located in the very fashionable area of Kavos, Roussos Restaurant has been cited as one of the finest eateries in all of Corfu. The restaurant can be found right next to the ocean, offering diners an incredible sea view as they tuck into some of the most delicious seafood Greece has to offer.

Patrons also comment on the first rate service at Roussos Restaurant. The staff are very friendly and attentive, doing everything they can to cater to diners’ needs. Aside from the freshest seafood, the menu also boasts a variety of traditional Greek delicacies for you to sample, giving you a real taste of Corfu’s exquisite food culture.

Because the restaurant is situated right on the beach, you can enjoy a leisurely walk along to and from the venue, which only adds to the wonderful experience. It is advised that you book your table in advance, though; Roussos Restaurant is loved by the locals just as much as the tourists, so can fill up fast.

Seafood restaurants

Corfu is an island, after all, so it’s only fitting that this Greek island is home to a vast array of seafood restaurants. In fact, holidaymakers in Corfu have the opportunity to experience some of the finest seafood restaurants in Greece, serving up fresh fish dishes for great prices.

One of the most popular seafood restaurants in Corfu is Fishalida. Located in Corfu Town, this eatery is the holder of a Certificate of Excellence thanks to its delectable seafood cuisine and world class service. Whether you are looking for somewhere to grab a light fish lunch or take in a gourmet evening meal, Fishalida is the place to go.

The Three Brothers can be found on the Astrakeri beach, offering a great oceanic view for its patrons. Serving only the freshest seafood, the staff here work their hardest to ensure that diners have the best experience possible, catering to those with special requirements.