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Sights, Corfu

What’s great about Corfu is the opportunity to explore a variety of different sights, including fascinating trips to cultural exhibitions like the Byzantine Museum and the brilliant Museum of Asian Art. Corfu Town is a great mix of adventure and architecture. Educate yourself on Greek history and visit the medieval church, or if you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, simply wander through the green squares located in this beautiful town.

Achilleion palace

The awe-inspiring Achilleion Palace is situated 10 kilometres south west of the quaint town of Gastouri, in Corfu. Classic Greek statues surround the palace and intricate paintings of famous mythical hero, Achilles, are scattered among the walls of the main hall and rooms inside.

Achilleion is filled with culture and history; Legend has it that Elisabeth of Bavaria adored holidaying in Corfu due to its wonderful culture and interesting language. In fact, Elisabeth dedicated her time to build the palace, to show her admiration for the exotic island.

Idyllic gardens surround the palace, as well as exotic Grecian plants and glorious flower beds. What’s particularly special about this sightseeing adventure is its versatility; not only is its architecture a great sight to see, but its location offers breathtaking, panoramic views of Corfu city. Even the main entrance is astounding to look at, so be sure to pack your camera before heading to this wondrous Greek sight.

Ancient temples of Delos

Add an element of culture and history to your sunny beach holiday and visit the astounding architecture at the Ancient Temples of Delos.

The Doric Temple of Isis is the most prevalent mythological and historical site in Greece. What makes this temple so unique is its history; essentially it is a historic Egyptian temple located in the middle of Greece. Take a guided tour by boat and hop off with your guide at Delos, where you can discover the true culture of this fascinating temple as you observe it. Located on a hill, a stroll here requires some comfy walking shoes and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Delos is a fascinating Greek island, located in Cyclades Archipelago, the home of religion, sanctuary and politics. The extensive excavations found on the Delos island are claimed to be the vastest in the whole of the Mediterranean. Fascinating remains and archeological findings can be found nearby in the Archaeological Museum of Delos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Angelokastro castle

Overlook the clear blue skies from the highest peak in Corfu, at Angelokastro Castle.

Located near Palaiokastritsa, the sights from this viewpoint are unbelievable, loaded with picturesque scenery and astonishing views of the beautiful island of Corfu. The castle is impressively built on a steep terrain and is surrounded by green forestry, which scatters the landscape. Engross yourself in the astounding backdrop views this castle offers.

As well as it’s wondrous appearance, the castle itself holds a great deal of history, being one of the most important Byzantine castles in Greece.

Pack a camera or capture the images of the beautiful surroundings of Angelokastro on your phone, to revisit the incredible experience once you’ve left. Take some comfy walking shoes to reach the castle, which stands on an uphill slope. Although tiring to get to, it is well worth the walk as you approach the top and experience the vast landscape of Corfu.

Corfu Old Town

Even today, the Old Town of Corfu sustains its wondrous feeling of authenticity, with its narrow, winding streets wedged between tall buildings. Interestingly, some of the areas within Corfu’s Old Town date back to as far as 8th Century BC, making the Old Town a great spot for tourists who love history and culture.

A collection of 37 historic churches are dotted around Corfu’s Old Town, providing plenty of culture to explore when strolling through the busy streets. Many tourist attractions are located here, including the fascinating Holocaust Memorial of Corfu, Spianada Square, The Liston and the Church of Saint Spiridon, to name a few.

Lose yourself in the fantastical streets and intricately designed buildings nearby, either alone or with a local tour guide and shop at the quirky shops this beautiful setting has to offer.

Plenty of quirky bars and eateries can be found among this fascinating location. Despite its lively atmosphere and busy streets, the Old Town remains peaceful and pleasantly lacks the disturbance of any noisy clubs.


The Liston is a beautifully rustic building which houses many stylish bars and eateries. Located in Esplanade, this arched terrace is the perfect spot to watch the locals and tourists stroll by.

Take in the sights and sounds at one of the charming cafes and discover the sophisticated architecture and historic buildings nearby. Explore the wondrous arches and soon after, unwind with a soft or alcoholic drink at one of the elegant bars and immerse yourself in the lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Delicate lanterns are strategically placed along each pillar, making this area not only great to enjoy some wonderful food, but also interesting to look at. If you want to see the real beauty of The Liston, visit at night when the building is delightfully lit up, with lights glittering across the surrounding tiled streets. Live bands often play outside and lead the music onto the streets surrounding The Liston, providing you with an experience to remember.

Museum of Asian Art

The remarkable Corfu Museum of Asian Art is home to authentic Asian art in the form of intricate objects and figurines. The collection showcases traditional pieces from Japan, China, the Far East, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan, Korea and Tibet.

An unexpected treasure in Corfu, this museum is filled with impressive artifacts and a beautiful art collection. Up until the middle of November, the museum also houses temporary art that has been crafted by local artists. Find this artistic display of community on the ground floor of the museum and experience traditional and modern Asian art in a variety of forms.

Even the detailed pillars which hold up the buildings infrastructure, are fascinating to explore. The building itself actually holds much historical interest, originally built under English rule for the British Lord High Commissioner. Now, the building is a famous tourist attraction, which invites holidaymakers to immerse themselves in the majestic arts of Asia.

Music Museum

Relatively new to Corfu’s band of museums, The Museum of the Corfu Philharmonic Society, offers visitors a journey through time, showcasing music recordings, old instruments, pictures and fascinating historic information on this Greek community band, which was founded in 1840.

Educate yourself on music theory and practice as you wander through this fascinating museum. Interestingly, this music museum was one of the first of its kind to allow all social classes to take music lessons.

Unique to Greece, the museum is a tribute to Nikolaos Mantzaros, the famous composer who produced the National Anthem and the Anthem of the Olympic Games. Head over to this fascinating museum early into your day, as although it is open Monday-Saturday at 9:30, it closes in the afternoon at 13:30.

The Museum is a great trip out for couples, or for the whole family, especially as it is free of charge to visit. An annual circle of musicological lectures is also organised by the museum, making this a really unique experience to visit in while holidaying in Corfu.

New fortress

Behind the Old Port lies the New Fortress of Corfu, which offers not only fascinating architecture but wondrous, panoramic views of Corfu. Before the New Fortress, the Old Fortress was situated here. However, it was not considered a strong enough defense and so the remarkable New Fortress was built in the 16th century by the Venetians, to protect and strengthen defense. Even today, the two fortresses are connected by an underground tunnel, though unfortunately this cannot be visited by tourists.

Step into history at the New Fortress, where you can overlook the beauties of Corfu while exploring the intricate architectural design and rich history of the fortress. Fresh, green gardens surround the fortress, with interesting sculptures to view along the way.To gain access to this popular tourist site, take a stroll down to the ticket office in Corfu’s Old Town, purchase your tickets and then find the entrance which is located close by.


A 10-minute boat ride will take you over the beautifully clear waters to the beautiful island of Vidos. Reach the boat via the Old Port of Corfu and jump on at the harbour. Vidos belongs to the group of Ionian Islands in Greece and is renowned for its picturesque appearance and tranquil surroundings. The idyllic island is delightfully intimate and offers a unique and personal experience, thanks to its secluded location and peaceful setting.

Vidos island offers a mix of sightseeing and interesting history, too. In fact, the remains of the prison built here years ago, which housed prisoners during the war, can still be located. The famous Agios Stefanos Church, also used to belong to Vidos island, but has now been demolished. So, be sure to take your camera along on your ride over, to capture the fascinating yet eerie remains among the backdrop of this heavenly setting.

Or, if you simply want to relax, bask in the sun in one of the many quaint coves this island has to offer and grab a drink and a bite to eat at the Menios Taverna.

Vlacherna Monastery

Surrounded by crystal clear aqua waters, lies the Vlacherna Monastery, a particularly popular site among tourists for its secluded location and picturesque views. Many centuries ago, the monastery was founded on this charming island, situated near the southern slope of the Kanoni peninsula. The monastery sits in the centre of a bay, with views of not only the surrounding sights, but planes soaring above you, taking flight from the Corfu airport, located nearby.

The island provides a slice of paradise and due to its intimate location, can only be reached by boat. A short ride only costs around €5 and takes you over to the Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse island, which is home to a quaint little candle and gift shop and sits behind the monastery.

Tourists can visit this unforgettable church and monastery all year round, so if you’re looking for a relaxing day out with astonishing views, make sure you travel to Vlacherna Monastery.