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Achilleion palace, Corfu

The awe-inspiring Achilleion Palace is situated 10 kilometres south west of the quaint town of Gastouri, in Corfu. Classic Greek statues surround the palace and intricate paintings of famous mythical hero, Achilles, are scattered among the walls of the main hall and rooms inside.

Achilleion is filled with culture and history; Legend has it that Elisabeth of Bavaria adored holidaying in Corfu due to its wonderful culture and interesting language. In fact, Elisabeth dedicated her time to build the palace, to show her admiration for the exotic island.

Idyllic gardens surround the palace, as well as exotic Grecian plants and glorious flower beds. What’s particularly special about this sightseeing adventure is its versatility; not only is its architecture a great sight to see, but its location offers breathtaking, panoramic views of Corfu city. Even the main entrance is astounding to look at, so be sure to pack your camera before heading to this wondrous Greek sight.