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Activities, Crete

There’s plenty of exciting adventures to embark on, while holidaying in Crete. Seek out the incredible Elephant Cave Dive and experience the underwater world of Crete, while discovering and studying remarkable elephant fossils. If you’d prefer a secluded day trip away, head to Chrissi Island, a peaceful haven just outside of Crete, home to the historical Saint Nicholas Chapel.

Acqua Park

Acqua Plus Water Park is located 5 kilometres from Hersonissos and has been offering a fun-packed family day out for more than 20 years. The water park itself is split into two sections; one for adults and another for children, to ensure that visitors of all ages and parties of all sizes are able to have a fantastic time.

There are a wide range of facilities, pools and water slides on site at the park. Aside from the water activities, visitors can also enjoy drier pastimes such as table tennis and sunbathing. For young children, there is also a bouncy castle and playground area.

An experienced lifeguard team is on hand to ensure that your visit to Acqua Plus Water Park will be every bit as safe as it is fun, as are first-aid personnel. There are also safe lockers to store your valuables as you enjoy the water.

Amazonas Park

Opened in 2011, the Amazonas Park is the only zoo in Crete and specialises in animals from South America. Parrots and Monkeys are particular focuses within the zoo, with an enormous range of species. Many of the animals have been rescued and are being kept so they can eventually be released into the wilds of Brazil, so rest assured that these animals are treated very well.

Visitors can learn all about the various animals housed at Amazonas Park and even have the opportunity to feed the monkeys if they wish. You can even walk among the monkeys in their enclosure – be warned, the over-friendly monkeys are known to jump on the shoulders of visitors.

More domestic animals, such as donkeys and goats, are also housed at Amazonas Park. These animals always prove very popular with children. The staff are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about the various animals.

Chrissi Island

Chrissi (also known as Chrysi) is an uninhabited island about 15 kilometres south of Crete. Although it is uninhabited, Chrissi island still proves popular with tourists. The chapel of Saint Nicholas is estimated to date back to the 13th century, providing the island with a rich historical mystery. A Roman cemetery is another religious attraction for visitors, who can reach the island by sea from Lerapetra and Myrtos.

Tourists can also see the old lighthouse, salt pan and some Minoan ruins. Chrissi island is also home to a nudist beach on the north coast. However, this unique island also has traditional beaches for holidaymakers who want to sit under a beach umbrella or enjoy a drink from a beachfront bar. Many people visit Chrissi island when they are in need of peace and tranquillity; although many tourists choose to come here, there’s plenty of places to escape and be alone for some quiet contemplation.


Dinosauria is a fun and educational day out for families everywhere. This park takes pride, not only in the wide range of facilities available, but in the historical accuracy of their attractions. The museum is home to a collection of extremely rare bones and fossils. The 5D-7D cinemas offer a unique 3D film experience and the Dino Hospital allows you to witness the hatching of a dinosaur egg and the park’s experienced staff taking care of newborns.

Visitors can enjoy some tasty delicacies in the Dino Snack Bar, which also has a certified playground for children to enjoy. There is also a gift shop for you to purchase souvenirs from your day at Dinosauria.

The park is located in Heraklion and covers every dinosaurian period, from up to 250 million years ago. This is the perfect place to bring your children for a day of learning, discovery and, above all, fun.

Jeep Safari

Looking to explore Crete off the beaten track? Aside from the golden beaches, tourist shops and fine dining, there is also an enormous amount of untouched nature just waiting to be explored on the island. A jeep safari is the perfect way to experience this wilderness.

Experience the Lasithi Mountains, which has a great many breath-taking peaks. Drive around the mountains of Crete and gaze down on the incredible landscape. Experienced and informative drivers will give jeep safari tours of the most interesting regions and areas, showing you wild animals, wildflowers, and herbs that cannot be seen in the more populated parts of Crete.

Some jeep safari excursions allow you to drive the jeep yourself, assuming you have your driving licence with you. Other trips will pick you up direct from your hotel and drive you back once the trip is over. You can also get out and explore the rocky terrains and smell the fresh flowers.

Labyrinth Park

Awarded a Certificate of Excellence, Labyrinth Park is a theme park located in Hersonissos; this park really does have something for everyone.

For those looking for some sporting activity, visitors can play mini-golf, horse riding and archery. Creative people can enjoy the pottery workshop, where they can learn about the ancient art of Cretan pottery and also try their hand at using a pottery wheel for the first time.

The Labyrinth itself is a 3-dimensional pathway of over 1 kilometre in length. It has stairways, towers and overhead bridges. There are also plenty of rooms for you to stop, rest and enjoy the view. Your mission is to find the check points, which contain clues , and finally reach the centre where the Minotaur is hiding – before escaping.

On site, there is also a café to grab a bite to eat and a drink, as well as a souvenir shop to purchase some precious mementos from a fantastic family day out.

Lychnostatis Open Air Museum

Lychnostatis Open Air Museum can be located in Hersonissos. The museum aims to promote awareness of Crete’s rich cultural heritage and is home to a large range of interesting artefacts.

Visitors to Lychnostatis Open Air Museum can expect to experience an enormous range of attractions. Take in the bee’s and wax workshop to learn more about this ancient process, or pay a visit to the ceramic workshop to learn about beautiful Cretan pottery making.

For those in search of culture, the museum is home to a Cretan folk artists’ gallery, which holds a range of incredible works from Crete’s finest artists. The 100-seater auditorium allows you to hear seminars and audio-visual shows.

Lychnostatis Open Air Museum is home to a range of gardens, including a flora and cactus garden, herb garden and a garden of Cretan fruit trees.

There is also a museum shop featuring homemade products for visitors to remember a unique day out.

Scuba Diving

If you are planning a holiday to Crete, this is the perfect opportunity to go scuba diving. The crystal blue waters surrounding the island make it the ideal place for those who love exploring the ocean.

There is a fantastic number of diving locations that can be found all over the island. The Evelin Dive Centre in Platanias Rethymno gives novices training in how to dive, while certified divers can go cave diving to explore the caves beneath Crete. You can also go scuba diving at night with this centre to discover the incredible nocturnal marine wildlife in their natural habitats.

Omega Divers, located in Chania, also offers scuba diving programmes to qualified divers, including the incredible Elephant Cave Dive. This cave is a miracle of nature that most tourists just don’t get the chance to see; among the treasures in the cave are the fossilized remains of an elephant, including a vertebra and a tusk.

Water Sports

If you are looking to incorporate some water sports into your holiday, Crete is the place to go. There are countless beaches that are perfect for those who enjoy surfing, diving or swimming.

For those who are even more adventurous, parasailing proves to be immensely popular in the waters of Crete. Many centres offer parasails for rent, which allow the whole family to experience the exhilarating sight of seeing Crete’s coastline from mid-air.

Jet skiing is another favourite with holidaymakers who are keen to engage in some high-speed fun along the coast. If you are visiting Crete with a group, why not book a trip on a banana boat, which allows up to 12 people to experience a bouncy and fun-packed ride in the sea?

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, pedal boats are available to rent, which allow you to sit back and enjoy the sun.