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Amazonas Park, Crete

Opened in 2011, the Amazonas Park is the only zoo in Crete and specialises in animals from South America. Parrots and Monkeys are particular focuses within the zoo, with an enormous range of species. Many of the animals have been rescued and are being kept so they can eventually be released into the wilds of Brazil, so rest assured that these animals are treated very well.

Visitors can learn all about the various animals housed at Amazonas Park and even have the opportunity to feed the monkeys if they wish. You can even walk among the monkeys in their enclosure – be warned, the over-friendly monkeys are known to jump on the shoulders of visitors.

More domestic animals, such as donkeys and goats, are also housed at Amazonas Park. These animals always prove very popular with children. The staff are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about the various animals.