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Beaches, Crete

Crete’s beaches offer holidaymakers colourful skies and an alluring, Caribbean vibe, thanks to the swaying palm trees scattered around the island, vast crystal waters and cloudless, clear blue skies. Be sure to take a trip over to Anissaras Beach and stroll on the fine, white sands that stretch as far as 1 km in length.

Ammos Beach

Ammos actually means sand in Greek, and Ammos Beach is worth of its name, being one of the most popular beaches in all of Crete. Located on the south side of Agios Nikolaos, this stretch of sand is a beautiful shade of white.

The sea is a crystal-clear colour of blue. The water is also shallow and very calm, making it the perfect place for families to bring their children to take a dip in the ocean. water sports also prove popular at Ammos Beach. The beach itself is lined with dainty umbrellas and sunbeds for those who aren’t so keen on getting their feet wet and wish to relax in the magnificent Greek sun.

The beach stretches for a considerable length, beginning by the city’s marina, which allows you to watch the local boats pulling into the bay. This end of the beach is also handy for a range of bars and restaurants.

Ammoudi beach

Ammoudi is handy for those who are staying in Agios Nikolaos, being situated just 1km north of the city centre. The beach can be found in a large bay with shallow and clean waters. Amoudi beach is smaller than most of Crete’s other beaches, but it remains a firm favourite with the locals and visitors alike, offering an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.

It is lined with a small number of sunbeds and umbrellas for anyone looking to relax by the sea. It’s also perfectly safe for swimmers and also has water sport facilities for people of all ages. Lifeguards and showers are onsite.

The beach can be accessed by the paved road leading up to it, but there is also a local bus service. It’s also handy for local eateries and bars, which offer fantastic ocean views to people who choose to stop by for a drink and something to eat.

Anissaras Beach

Anissaras Beach stretches for almost 1 kilometre and is predominantly sand, although there are some pebbly areas, too. There’s plenty of sunbeds to relax and soak up some Greek sunshine and the beach is also easy to access for those who are disabled.

Beach goers are able to rent jet skis, windsurfing equipment, kayaks and water bikes to enjoy some water sports during their visit to Anissaras beach. While the water is clean and clear, it does soon deepen, so it is not advisable that children are allowed to venture too far out, unsupervised. There are lifeguards at the beach.

Anissaras Beach is close to a number of local eateries, so if you are feeling peckish after a long day of sunning yourself, call into one of them for a delicious meal or snack. There is also a variety of bars nearby to enjoy a cold drink as you watch the waves lap on the shore.

Avlaki Beach

“Avlaki beach can be located along the rocky coastline of Sissi. This particular beach is rather small but very well maintained and is mainly used to gain entry to the nearby beach of the Kalimera Kriti Hotel. Avlaki beach is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day by the sea. There is a generally subdued and intimate atmosphere on the beach, which is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas for sunbathers.

Avlaki beach is surrounded by rock, making the sea calm and the beach itself free from wind. The beach huts also let you escape the sun’s heat.

The quiet bay lets beachgoers gaze out at the boats on the water and enjoy the picturesque Greek coastline. Avlaki beach is also not located too far from a mix of bars and restaurants, so after a day of strolling along the sands, why not call in for a delicious bite to eat?

Baja Beach Club

Beach lovers will be in heaven when the visit the Baja Beach Club. The immaculate beaches of the Baja Beach Club stretch for a full 150 metres, providing holidaymakers with absolute bliss. With friendly staff to take care of you, and fantastic facilities, you can enjoy a day of leisure beside one of Crete’s most glorious stretches of pristine beaches.

There is also a kid’s pool to entertain the little ones while the grown up luxuriate on their own private beach gazebo. If you prefer, you can rent a sun lounger and soak up the gorgeous Greek sun. As you would imagine, you have plenty of opportunity to grab a delicious snack and an ice cold drink from the beach bar, as well as a full restaurant.

If you aren’t a beach bum, why not take part in a game of beach volley? You also have the opportunity to jet ski or go parasailing on crystal blue ocean.

Elounda Beach

Famed for its cleanliness, Elounda beach is the perfect family day out. The beach offers water sports and volleyball, but is also a great place to go if you just want to stroll along the sand or soak up some sun.

Umbrellas and sunbeds are available to be rented along the beach and the sea is relatively calm, making it safe for swimmers of all ages to enjoy a splash in the ocean. There is a lifeguard at the Elounda beach to ensure everyone’s safety. The beach is also handy for local eateries and bars, letting holidaymakers enjoy a glorious Greek dinner in the evening, watching the sunset over the ocean as they tuck into a delicious meal.

Elounda beach is just a short walk away from the local harbour, so visitors can watch the local boats pull in and out throughout the day and evening. Being situated very close to the town, there’s also plenty of opportunity to browse the local shops.

Fodele Beach

Located beside the magnificent Fodele Beach Hotel, the namesake beach is a golden stretch of beautiful golden sand. Beach umbrellas line the shore for visitors to relax in the shade and enjoy the tranquillity of Fodele beach.

The waters surrounding Fodele beach prove to be incredibly popular with swimmers of all ages, as does the water park, which is conveniently located right beside the beach. The water park offers a thrill-packed day out for the whole family, with a vast range of pools and water slides to be enjoyed.

The beach is also handy for local hotels, giving you easy access to the golden sands at any time of day. Fodele beach is also situated close to shops, bars and restaurants, giving holidaymakers the chance to grab a cold drink and a bite to eat as they watch the waves wash up on the shore. The perfect day out for all the family.

Ligaria Beach

Ligaria beach can be located 21 kilometres north west of Heraklion. The turquoise sea is usually very calm due to the bay being surrounded by rocks, so this is the perfect place to come if you are in the mood for snorkelling. There’s also a lifeguard on the beach, so it’s perfectly safe for children to swim, too. Spearfishing is also a common pastime in the ocean off Ligaria beach.

Ligaria beach can be easily accessed by the path on the west side of the sands. The beach itself is a popular choice for families, so it is known to get pretty busy during the holiday seasons.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire. There are also showers on the beach and it is handy for local eateries if you start to feel peckish. A great many hotels are lined along the shore, too, offering breath-taking oceanic views from the windows.

Malia Beach

Malia beach is a favourite with those who enjoy water sports; parasailers are a common sight off the coast, enjoying aerial views of the magnificent blue ocean. The sea is known to get quite choppy around Malia beach, but there is a lifeguard on hand to oversee the safety of swimmers.

The golden sands of Malia beach are easily accessed by the paved road, there is also a nearby bus route for those travelling from further afield. This beach is known to get very crowded, but it’s worth a visit for the extreme facilities such as massage and a gym. You can also find a great range of beachfront bars along the shore, letting you grab a bite to eat and cold drink.

There are a great deal of sunbeds and beach umbrellas available for hire along the beach, allowing you to soak up the sun as you watch the boats floating on the horizon.

Star beach

Located right by the sea in Hersonissos, Star Beach is a fantastic day out for all the family, with something to entertain both adults and children of all ages.

With water slides and play areas for children, there’s something to keep the little ones entertained. There are also lines of sun loungers located by swimming pools for adults to enjoy themselves. A selection of bars provide you with the chance to enjoy a nice old drink by the sea.

The beach itself is the perfect place to go and relax, offering a great place to lay back and chill out. There is a lifeguard on the beach to oversee the safety of swimmers, so Star beach is the perfect place for the children to take their inflatable dinghy. The beach is known to get very busy, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a good spot. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire.