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Food and Drink, Crete

If you’re looking to relax by day and party by night, head to the ultimate party resort – Malia, were you can dance all night and share a fishbowl filled with fruity cocktails. For foodies looking for find dining, Chania is a simply stunning spot to eat delectable Greek delights. This hot spot location is particularly popular among wine lovers, who can sample the unique taste of Cretan wine as they chat with friends.

Beachfront bars

Crete’s golden beaches are among the best in the world, attracting thousands of tourists each week. Aside from the beaches themselves, the range of beachfront bars also prove popular with visitors, who are keen to grab a cold drink as they soak up the spectacular Greek sun. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Mediterranean cocktail or a pint of lager, Crete’s beachfront bars can quench your thirst.

The Dolphin Beach Bar, located in Malia, is among the best beachfront bars in Crete. Built to resemble a pirate ship, the décor features treasure chests a steering wheel and rigging. The Dolphin Beach Bar offers an amazing view of the ocean from its deck, not to mention a fantastic array of exotic cocktails.

The Palm Beach Club in Hersonissos has lawns lined with sunbeds and a selection of pools for visitors to enjoy. Evenings see the dance floor become full with those out for a good time, all with a magical ocean view.

Cheap places to eat

Crete is one renowned for its delicious cuisine, with thousands and thousands of visitors flocking to its shores every year to sample the local delicacies. The island is packed with gourmet eateries and fine dining; however, there are plenty of cheap places to eat, too, which serve up equally mouth-watering dishes.

Cooking with Love in Heraklion has become a favourite with families for its no-fuss but absolutely incredible Italian and Greek cuisine. This restaurant offers amazing food at amazingly low prices. Take Five is another popular choice in Heraklion. This bar-style restaurant serves up fantastic Mediterranean and Greek dishes, cooked to perfection and priced just as perfectly.

Elounda is another popular destination for cheap places to eat, many of which offer wonderful views of the sea, such as the Del Mar Snack Bar. This eatery is famous for serving up delicious desserts for great prices. Dimitris Steak House’s atmosphere is second-to-none, as are the mouth-watering meats on the menu.

Harbourside restaurants

Crete boasts a vast array of harbourside restaurants which, aside from serving up mouth-watering cuisine, also offer a breathtakingly beautiful view of the harbours and ocean to diners. One such location is the village of Elounda. A former traditional fishing village, Elounda has a quaint and colourful harbour which is home to a range of eateries. Diners can watch the boats bobbing on the water as they dine on delicious Greek cuisine and fresh seafood. The view is particularly beautiful at sunset.

Venetian Harbour in Rethymno is another popular choice for those in search of harbourside restaurants. Remezzo Seafood Restaurant is one of the most-visited eateries within the harbour, serving fresh fish dishes and providing a wonderful atmosphere and view of the harbour. Zefyros Family Fish Taverna is another seafood restaurant with wonderful cuisine and service. This eatery allows you to dine right on the harbour as you eat al fresco. You can also dine inside if you prefer.

Local cuisine

Crete’s local cuisine is renowned all over the world for its delicious flavour and unique use of ingredients. Holidaymakers should always be sure to sample some of the local Greek delicacies while on the island, and fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants all over Crete which serve all the favourites.

Practically every village in Crete seems to have a ‘signature’ cheese, usually made from goat’s milk. These cheeses range from soft and creamy to harder varieties, so cheese lovers are bound to be satisfied. These can also be put into cheese pies, another favourite on Crete.

Smoked pork is a dish you will not experience anywhere better than Greece; infusing pork with a variety of local herbs, this dish can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Mountain Bulbs, or Askordoulakous as it is known locally, is made from ingredients gathered on the hillsides around Crete’s villages, including bulbs of wild green, which is where the dish gets its name. This refreshing dish can be eaten fresh, pickled, boiled or stewed.

Seafood restaurants

Seafood restaurants can be found all over Crete. This island is bursting with seafood eateries which serve up fresh fish dishes, as well as other cuisine, every day. Visit Chania Town and call in at the Corinna Star Restaurant; famed for its exquisite seafood and large portions, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a gorgeous sea view at the same time.

Head over to Heraklion to sample the delectable delicacies at Kastella. This seafood restaurant is considered to be one of the finest in all of Crete, serving a wide range of seafood dishes by the local port. Saradari also offers its patrons exquisite fish cuisine, as well as a fantastic ocean view. Eat al fresco on their patio to listen to the waves crashing on the shore, or dine inside their tastefully decorated restaurant.

The Taverna Paliria in Elounda offers the best in al fresco dining. This seafood restaurant is right by the sea and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery, which can be viewed through the large windows on each side of the building.


Crete has more than its share of excellent tavernas situated all over the island. Crete’s tavernas offer excellent selections of food and drink, wonderful hospitality and an intimate atmosphere.

If you are in search of all of the above, you should head over to the quaint harbour of Elounda and pay a visit to the Ferryman Taverna. Opened in 1974, this family-friendly restaurant is right on the waterfront of Elounda bay and offers beautiful views of the islands beyond. It is the perfect place to call in on a hot summer evening.

The mountain village of Myrthios is also no stranger to fantastic tavernas. One of the most popular is the Taverna Dionyssos. Famed by the locals for its first-rate hospitality, the tables at this family run taverna are situated on a large terrace which provides a beautiful view of olive trees and the Libyan Sea below the mountains.