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Food and Drink, Greece

Greek chefs cook sublime dishes with the freshest of ingredients, all ready to be plated up at a quaint and cosy restaurant of your choice. After dark, Castello Beach Bar & Restaurant is home to some superb DJs. So, as well as eating delicious food on the outdoor terrace, guests can also dance the night away.

Acropolis Secret Bar Restaurant

This gastronomic gem is located right in the beating heart of Ancient Athens. Lying below the Acropolis, the Secret Bar Restaurant is a roof garden which provides patrons with stunning panoramic views of the Acropolis, particularly in the evening when it is illuminated by floodlights.

The perfect destination for dining and enjoying an al fresco drink on summer evenings, the Acropolis Secret Bar Restaurant serves up delicious cuisine, which caters to all tastes. Whether you are vegetarian, a lover of fresh seafood or in the mood for some mouth-watering Greek delicacies, the Secret Bar Restaurant can satisfy your appetite.

The staff are extremely attentive and friendly and the modern and sophisticated ambience makes for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

There’s also an extensive drinks menu to choose from, so, whatever your palette, this bar is able to meet your needs. Enjoy a refreshing drink, complimented by an excellent meal and a gorgeous view

Beachfront bars

With so many beaches spread across the various islands in Greece, it’d be a crime to not have a wide range of beachfront bars to choose from. Enjoy an ice-cold drink as you watch the waves wash up on the sand and soak up some vitamin D.

The Kavos Lounge Bar in Skyros is one of the most popular beachfront bars to be located on any of the islands. After enjoying a boat ride to the bar, customers have the option to dive straight into the sea and enjoy a ride on a paddleboard. In the evening, sparklers are handed out by staff as the boat comes into the bay.

Hydra’s Hydronetta bar is another favourite with those who book Greece holidays. This bar is set on a flat rock right beside the sea; Hydronetta is one of the best spots for swimming, set below a yacht-filled harbour. Sit below a thatched umbrella and enjoy a drink on the stone balcony.

Cheap places to eat

Greece holidays give you the opportunity to experience the finest traditional cuisine this country has to offer. Greek cuisine is a famed delicacy and one that millions of diners love.

However, you needn’t spend huge amounts of cash to experience fantastic food when on the islands. There’s plenty of cheap places to eat in Greece, offering quality cuisine for a knock-down price.

For authentic Greek food without having to dig deep into your pocket, visit the Cinque Wine and Deli Bar. An immensely popular choice, this bar in Athens provides gluten-free options and a wide wine selection. With a vast choice of delicious chutneys, salads, platters and combination tastings, Cinque is the perfect place for seasoned Greek diners and those tasting these delicacies for the first time.

If you’ve got a taste for Mediterranean cuisine, head to Spiti Mas. With friendly staff, a welcoming environment and first-rate food, this café is a firm favourite with visitors from every corner of the globe.

Dinner in the Sky

In the heart of Athens lies the unique and prestigious Greek sightseeing restaurant, Dinner in the Sky. As well as offering a tasty and perfectly presented six course meal, this restaurant is famed for the experience it provides. There’s nothing else quite like it in Greece; where else could lift you up to 50 metres in the air, while you indulge in high-quality cuisine?

Dinner in the sky, Athens, welcomes up to 22 guests each day to enjoy both exquisite local Greek cuisine and mesmerising views, far and wide. Watch the serene sunset from 164 feet, while enjoying the food carefully prepared by the staff here.

From slow-cooked beef tenderloin, to sautéed shrimps, this restaurant pulls out all the stops to meet your tastes and preferences. Part of the experience here is tasting (and enjoying) the tantalising selection of Greek wine as you dine on an open-air table.

Gourmet eateries

If you’re in search of some fine dining during your Greece holiday, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The islands are home to countless gourmet eateries, each specialising in a variety of cuisines – from traditional Greek delicacies, to seafood, to grills.

Book a table at Athens’ oldest restaurant, the legendary Vassilenas. Sit at the tables the likes of Sophia Loren and Winston Churchill once sat at and enjoy exquisite cuisine, ranging from seafood, to Greek, to contemporary dishes, to healthy dishes. After 96 years in business, this gourmet restaurant has not lost the quality that made it famous.

For some of the tastiest traditional dishes, cooked authentically in their country of origin, book a table at Eleas Gi. This hospitable restaurant is the perfect place to experience true Greek cuisine.

Mama’s Dinner in Kissamos, Crete also prides itself on innovative dishes which are beautifully presented. Select a wide selection of starters, mains and desserts from their menu; we promise you will not be disappointed.

Greek Tavernas

Excellent entertainment, charming atmosphere and delicious local food, these are just a few things that make Greek tavernas a great place to spend the night. Tavernas may seem similar to restaurants, but make no mistake, they have a number of differences. For locals, tavernas aren’t just a place to eat, they are the centre of their communities and are their go-to place for somewhere to enjoy themselves on an evening.

Traditional Greek dancing and entertainment can often break out freely and spontaneously at tavernas and they are usually frequented on an evening rather than throughout the day. The food on offer changes daily based on the stock which they have available at the time rather than sticking to the same menus every week. Many specialise in seafood, but grilled meats and traditional Greek food such as tzatziki and Greek salads are also served frequently. This makes every visit to a taverna different; each night is a unique, fun-filled experience of great food and entertainment, which lasts long into the night.

Hytra restaurant

If you’re looking for a taste of quality during your holiday in Greece, pay a visit to Hytra in Athens. Having received its second Michelin star in 2012, Hytra provides a unique twist on the Greek cuisine, serving both traditional and contemporary Greek dishes in a reimagined way. Fresh ingredients are used in each of their dishes to ensure that they are the highest quality possible and are presented with perfection. A range of interesting but flavoursome cocktails are also available at the bar.

However, a visit to Hytra isn’t just about great great food and drink, it is a unique Greek experience with stunning views, modern décor and a luxury ambiance. The restaurant is situated on the sixth floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre in Syngrou, offering impressive panoramic views of the famous Acropolis of Athens. During your visit, the staff will provide professional and friendly hospitality to ensure you have an excellent dining experience and that your every need is catered for.

Local cuisine

Tasting sumptuous Greek cuisine is one of the key reasons people venture on holidays to Greece. Mediterranean food in Greece truly is delicious – indulge in delicious olives, grilled meat, fresh fish and courgette balls at one of the many traditional Greek taverns sprinkled in every Greek neighbourhood.

There are plenty of Greek food traditions to get stuck into, from Avgloemono (egg-lemon soup), Melopitta (honey pie) and of course the famous homemade Tzatziki sauce (a cucumber-yogurt sauce).

Visit Mezedaki restaurant, located on the beach of Perissa, Santorini – where you can sample a range of fresh local cuisine, all within a cosy setting. The lamb Moussaka is a particular favourite here, and across the whole of Greece, cooked with fragrant spices, herbs, tender lamb and fresh vegetable. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Raki – the tasty Greek local wine enjoyed by both locals and travellers alike.

Melina’s Tavern

Melina’s Tavern is one of the top restaurants in Santorini, serving exquisite seafood and traditional Greek cuisine. A number of flavoursome pasta dishes and high quality meats are also on the excellent menu. However, it is not just the food which makes Melina’s tavern stand out, as it is situated right on the beach at Akrotiri, providing a beautiful backdrop for you to take in while you enjoy your meal.

Akrotiri is a truly mystical area of Santorini with an ancient history, as it was once part of the Minoan civilization. This history, combined with the restaurant’s traditional décor and beautiful setting create a mystical atmosphere which makes every meal at this restaurant feel special and memorable. The restaurant is also situated nearby to a bus stop, so it is highly accessible, and the tasty food is reasonably priced, making Melina’s Tavern a restaurant that everybody should visit for a meal during their stay at Santorini.

Seafood restaurants

If you’re searching for seafood, Greece is the destination to book for your next holiday. With seafood restaurants ranging from five-star eateries to delicious and affordable tavernas, there’s plenty of choice when to comes to getting a seafood meal.

Stop by Boats on the Coast in Kos is open late and offers some of the finest food on the island. Catering to vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary requirements, there’s plenty to choose from. There’s also a renowned grill, but what’s most mouth-watering is the wide selection of seafood on the menu. Dine on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful sea view.

For gourmet seafood, visit Blue Fish Athens. Serving the finest of fusion, Greek delicacies and Mediterranean cuisine, this seafood restaurant has a wide-ranging menu of delicious, freshly-caught fish. It is also vegetarian and vegan friendly. Each dish is lovingly prepared and beautifully presented, making for an unforgettable dining experience.