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Beachfront bars, Greece

With so many beaches spread across the various islands in Greece, it’d be a crime to not have a wide range of beachfront bars to choose from. Enjoy an ice-cold drink as you watch the waves wash up on the sand and soak up some vitamin D.

The Kavos Lounge Bar in Skyros is one of the most popular beachfront bars to be located on any of the islands. After enjoying a boat ride to the bar, customers have the option to dive straight into the sea and enjoy a ride on a paddleboard. In the evening, sparklers are handed out by staff as the boat comes into the bay.

Hydra’s Hydronetta bar is another favourite with those who book Greece holidays. This bar is set on a flat rock right beside the sea; Hydronetta is one of the best spots for swimming, set below a yacht-filled harbour. Sit below a thatched umbrella and enjoy a drink on the stone balcony.