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Fishing Tours, Santorini

If you’re looking for an activity that’s a little different to the usual water sports or hiking adventure, book onto a fishing tour. You will get to see the beautiful glittering ocean in all its prime while catching some tasty local fish.

A key reason travellers love fishing here is because of the gorgeous volcanic backdrop and immense scenery which surrounds you as you try and find the greatest catch. Fishing is an age-old tradition in Santorini, so embarking on this excursion will give you a taste of Grecian life. Plus, you’ll be introduced to many friendly and welcoming locals along the way.

Giorgaros Fishing Tours will take you and your fishing rod along the Aegean Sea to discover the varied fish swimming below, as well as the beautiful landscapes all around you. Alternatively, embark on a trip with Santorini Fishing Tours, taking you on a cruise from the Old Port at Fira, all the way to Oia or the volcano (where you can visit the hot springs!)