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Beaches, Santorini

Santorini’s beaches attract travellers from around Europe, as they are prime places to make the most of the idyllic heat. Better yet, many of them are close by to thriving restaurants, bars and cafes.

The distinctive sands found here (which can be white, black or even red in colour) capture the imaginations of everyone who visits. So, relax on the sun loungers provided while relishing the mind-blowing mountainous landscape surrounding you.

Agios Georgios Beach

If you’re looking for a black-sand beach that offers heavenly, spacious surroundings in Santorini, then Agios Georgios Beach is the perfect place for you. Relish views of the glistening sea waters in a peaceful setting, before having a go at a host of water sports activities!

Discover the extensive range of restaurants and traditional Greek taverns dotted along the waterfront. You’ll never be short of places to grab a bite when you fancy a break from the warm weather.

Thrill-seekers will also enjoy the variety of adventures available at the beach, ranging from a ride in a banana boat to a guided scuba diving excursion or an exhilarating jet skiing trip!

You can take a dip in the ocean with no-frills, simply head out for a relaxing swim. The tranquil atmosphere means you’ll always find a quiet spot back on the sand. Pre-book a private transfer or hire a car to reach this beautiful beach; that way, you have a whole day to savour the sights, sun and amenities here.

Amoudi Bay

Located in heavenly Oia in Santorini, lies the wondrous Amoudi Bay. It’s not quite your typical sandy beach, but there’s so much to love about this dreamy location. Wander across narrow walkways and down steps which lead you to fascinating rock formations and of course, the sparkling blue sea below. 

The crystal clear waters of the bay itself are something to marvel at during your travels on this stunning island. Simply stroll around the area and take it all in, embark on a cliff-jumping adventure or grab a seat at one of the many fresh seafood restaurants which overlook the idyllic stretch of scenery.

Whether you are staying in Oia or just visiting this village for the day, make sure you take a trip down to this beautiful coastal treasure. It’s easily accessible by foot, thanks to the steps which help you reach the bay in around fifteen minutes or so.

If you don’t fancy walking, head here by renting a car or call a taxi, but ensure you plan beforehand as there’s minimal parking available.

Cape Columbo

Cape Columbo is a serene stretch of beach located just a short, ten-minute drive from Fira – the capital of Santorini. This isolated area boasts a wondrous scenic landscape, both from the sands and the surroundings. 

The beach is truly magical; a place where you can really unwind as you hear the waves crashing onto the shore. The glistening ocean is not only beautiful to look at but thanks to the windier weather at this beach, the sea waters provide the perfect surf! So, why not hire a board and give it a go?

To reach Cape Columbo, organise a private transfer or rent a car and drive over there yourself. The journey provides spectacular views out of your vehicle’s window. 

Ensure that you bring something to eat and drink, as the remote location of this sunny beach spot means there are few shops to be found nearby. So, pack up a picnic and make your way down to the sand for a relaxing day out in the Santorini sunshine!

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach is part of a popular, cosmopolitan resort, and is a dazzling place to sunbathe while holidaying in Santorini. The volcanic, black shoreline is a huge draw for many travellers, perfect for lazing on under the warm sun. Here, you can also take in a spectacular view of the incredible mountain – Mesa Vouno!

Visitors can find a host of inviting cafés, restaurants and bars just metres from the sand, as well as local shops and supermarkets to peruse. Being so close to all these amenities ensures you’ll have a relaxing seaside trip. Plus, Kamari Beach has been awarded Blue Flag status – what more could you ask for?

Ramble down the paved promenade near the beach for an easy stroll or amble around the area to discover Santorini’s lush scenery. Then, settle down to soak up the sunshine in peace. Alongside the natural surroundings and tasty nearby food spots, this stretch of sand is great for scuba diving and a host of other water sports!

Monolithos Beach

Holidaymakers in Santorini adore visiting Monolithos Beach, thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful, calm shores! Located close to the popular Kamari Beach, it is a great place for those who want to escape the bustling crowds and simply unwind in quiet surroundings. 

What’s particularly special about this beach is that it’s divided into two halves, one filled with activities and the other designed with serenity in mind. This is one reason why families love it here!

The sea is nice and shallow, so children can safely splish and splash in the azure waters while parents relax on the sand. There’s plenty to keep the kids busy nearby, too, including a football pitch, basketball court and a volleyball court.

You’ll also find a number of bars and cafés where you can take a short break away from the sunshine to enjoy some delicious food in the shade. Reach this sandy spot by bus or rent a car and explore the seaside route for yourself.


Períssa is one of the largest beaches in the whole of Santorini and is located at the foot of Mesa Vouno mountain, providing an impressive backdrop to your seaside trip. This expansive Blue Flag beach is dotted with umbrellas and sun loungers for every beach-goer to enjoy, on top of intriguing black sand!

The shoreline also provides other useful on-site facilities, including showers and lifeguard patrol. Travellers not only love the scenery here but the cleanliness of this sandy stretch. So, you can expect pleasant surroundings, handy amenities and beautiful sun-soaked weather. 

There is something for everyone at Períssa, whether you want to unwind on dry land or skim across the azure waves. If you’re travelling with family, you’re in luck; this large beach offers a children’s playground. So, tots can not only build sandcastles but relish beach-side adventures, too! 

Alternatively, water babies can partake in splash-tastic water sports, thanks to a host of banana boat trips, water skiing activities and parasailing tours available nearby.


Perívolos is a stunning beach in Santorini, which has been awarded Blue Flag status for its cleanliness and pristine beachfront. It’s easily accessible, so no matter which resort or villa you are staying in during your getaway, you can savour time by the sea.

Just minutes from the sand you will find a host of restaurants and bars, as well as a designated parking area for day-trippers. There are also plenty of amenities on the beach itself, including a variety of plush sun loungers to hire for the ultimate sunbathing session!

Enjoy unwinding below the sizzling sunshine, before taking some shade and tucking into a snack under the thatched umbrellas. Many younger travellers head to this beach for its fantastic offering of chic eateries. Not to mention the exclusive DJ sets which take place on an evening, playing upbeat music well into the early hours.

So, by day or night, this beach is a hit with holidaymakers and locals alike, thanks to its vibrant atmosphere.

Vlychada Beach

Fringed with rising cliffs and surrounded by sparkling azure ocean waters, Vlychada Beach is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing near the sea.

This unusual, black-sand stretch is located at the southern tip of Santorini, meaning it is relatively quieter than beaches on other parts of the island. It’s ideal if you’re looking to soak up the sun in tranquil surroundings!

The highlight of a trip here has got to be witnessing the unique rock formation which acts as the backdrop to this blissful beach. Some even coin Vlychada Beach as “Gaudi-inspired” and nickname it “Moon Beach”, thanks to the intricate, lunar-like design of the cliffs. In reality, these odd patterns have been weathered into the volcanic rock over millions of years.

Despite its discreet and peaceful location, this beach is very easy to reach and is accessible by car or bus. Rent an umbrella and a sun lounger so you can unwind on the sand, or venture into the village and amble around the pretty marina.

White Beach

If you love the feeling of total seclusion, head to the idyllic White Beach in Santorini.

This beach is surrounded by rising white cliffs and hidden coves, creating a truly remote experience. It’s also the ideal setting for snorkelling! Swim beneath the waves to discover eye-catching aquatic life, before gliding past incredible underwater caves. 

The small size of Santorini’s White Beach only adds to its beauty. It’s more like visiting a quaint paradise than a popular sunbathing spot, so you’re bound to enjoy every minute of this unique seaside trip. Make sure you bring your camera to take some snaps of this stunning, scenic location.

To get here, you’ll need to hop on a boat from neighbouring Red Beach and sail along to this sandy stretch. Otherwise, you can venture out on foot from nearby Cambia Beach. This is the perfect place for adventurers, as the challenging walking trail leads you to the shore!