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Amoudi Bay, Santorini

Located in heavenly Oia in Santorini, lies the wondrous Amoudi Bay. It’s not quite your typical sandy beach, but there’s so much to love about this dreamy location. Wander across narrow walkways and down steps which lead you to fascinating rock formations and of course, the sparkling blue sea below. 

The crystal clear waters of the bay itself are something to marvel at during your travels on this stunning island. Simply stroll around the area and take it all in, embark on a cliff-jumping adventure or grab a seat at one of the many fresh seafood restaurants which overlook the idyllic stretch of scenery.

Whether you are staying in Oia or just visiting this village for the day, make sure you take a trip down to this beautiful coastal treasure. It’s easily accessible by foot, thanks to the steps which help you reach the bay in around fifteen minutes or so.

If you don’t fancy walking, head here by renting a car or call a taxi, but ensure you plan beforehand as there’s minimal parking available.