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Ancient Thera, Santorini

Exploring Ancient Thera offers a true taste of what Santorini is all about. This historical landmark appeals to many culture buffs as well as avid historians. Why? Because this incredible spot tells the story of this island’s rich past. Did you know, it was named after the mythical ruler, Theras? Pretty cool, right?

Simply hop on a bus and head over to this spectacular site. Then, stroll around the cobbled streets to admire the astonishing views of the Aegean Sea. After all, this ancient city stands 369 metres high on the rocky ridge of Mesa Vouno. So, your eyes are in for a real treat as you immerse yourself in the scenery!

Interestingly, Ancient Thera was inhabited from the 9th century BC, up until 726 AD. You’ll notice traces of history during your visit, which symbolises daily life back when it was populated. 

Before venturing here, remember to double-check the opening times, as these can vary throughout the year.