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Sights, Greece

There are countless sights to see in Greece, from historical remains to serene island views. Explore enchanting Santorini by day and Corfu town by night, or take a trip down memory lane and visit the remains of Stadium at Olympia. Our top tip: Plan your itinerary around island hopping, to experience an array of unforgettable sights on your Greece holiday.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town offers a wide range of unforgettable sights, for every type of traveller. That’s why Greece holidays are so popular amongst holidaymakers; they offer diversity. Take a ferry boat over to Corfu Town, where you can enjoy the majestic views of the glorious surrounding scenery as you travel over.

Walking through the cobbled streets in Corfu’s Old Town – Kerkyra is historic enough, but this neighbourhood is also built between two ancient fortresses. Encompassing culture wherever you walk, Corfu’s Old Town also offers many impressive sights and landmarks, including a rustic combination of Byzantine and Venetian architecture and enchanting art work.

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art is a favourite spot for artistic and cultural travellers. This museum showcases a mix of cultures, and their contribution to the art world. Our top tip, check out Alexander the Great’s ‘When Greece Met India’.

Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora Monasteries should be at the top of your sightseeing travel itinerary, especially if you enjoy uncovering culture and embracing beautiful scenery. Meteora is a serene and picturesque setting located in central Greece, consisting of impressive rock formations and six exquisite monasteries – which are still homes to many monks living in Greece today.

‘Meteora’ derives from its Greek meaning – ‘suspended in the air’, which perfectly sums up this sightseeing wonder, since it climbs high as high as 600 metres. The six monasteries are built atop naturally-formed pillars and steeped boulders, providing a truly fascinating sight to see on your Greece holiday.

The views here of the landscapes and the Meteora itself resemble scenery from a fantasy movie; they truly are breath-taking. Ensure you take your camera along when visiting Meteora Monasteries, as the landscapes here are so mesmerising, you’ll certainly want to revisit the scenic memories at a later date.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos, often referred to as the Holy Mountain is an enchanting sight for every traveller looking to discover Greece’s cultural, religious and historic roots. Mount Athos is actually coined the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world and the spiritual centre of Greece, thanks to its ever-present monk population, the ‘Garden of Virgin Mary’ and rustic range of monasteries.

Mount Athos is comprised of 20 spectacular monasteries, sprinkled right along the coast and the neighbouring mossy mountains; making it one of the most famous and sought after sights in Greece. The best way to explore Mount Athos is by boat cruise, which will not only sail you over to this wondrous sight, but also offer astounding views for you to take in, along the way.

A note to female travellers – unfortunately, entry for women is forbidden to the monasteries at Mount Athos. Not to worry though, you can stop off at the heavenly town, Ouranoupoli on the way over and hop on a cruise around Holy Mountain, instead.


The beautiful town of Nafpoli is coined as one of the most romantic cities in Greece, thanks to its blissful location in the Argolis area, and its beautiful buildings and walkways.

There’s plenty to see in Náfplio’, from the Municipal Gallery, to the church of Agios Spyridonas, as well as the copied Leonardo Di Vinci artwork “The Secret Dinner”.

A particular favourite sightseeing spot for holidaymakers is the Syntagma Square, also known as the central square of Athens. Bordering the Parliament building, this cultural square features an array of historic buildings and stands as a key location for political rallies and demonstrations.

Take a trip over to Náfplio’s medieval Old Town, filled with tall mansions with ornate, detailed architecture, surrounding Turkish fountains and sublime forestry.

The Palamidi Castle is a must see, too. Standing 216 metres above sea level, this castle is only reachable by foot, which involves climbing 999 steps uphill. However, the majestic views from this sky-high castle are certainly worth it.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Old Town makes for a perfect sightseeing adventure. Explore both Rhodes Old Town and New Town, to see the contrast in scenery, sights, architecture and atmosphere.

Visitors visit in the daytime to capture Rhodes Town on camera, since it is steeped in intriguing architectural history. Uncover layers of Grecian history, found in the walls, alleys and cobbled streets. A night time visit to this quaint town is also a must; get lost in the winding streets and rest up for a bite to eat at one of many waterfront bars.

For those looking to see a wider scale of Rhodes, visit Cave Archangel Michael Panormitis – a wondrous cave perched on the top of a cliff and a remarkable viewpoint, too. Mandraki Harbour is another great sight to see on a trip over to Rhodes Town, thanks to the views of boats and yachts floating atop the crystal clear waters.

Samariá Gorge

Visit the wondrous Samariá Gorge – Greek’s popular National Park, home to beautiful forestry, white mountains and local Greek goats, which roam the park’s vast landscapes. Greece holidays are all about exploring different sights, and this is certainly one to visit.

Take a boat from the local port to see this beautiful gorge; travel from Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion for a truly immersive experience. Stroll across the cobbled steps, and listen to and watch the flowing streams located here, which you can even drink from.

A trip to the Samariá Gorge requires motivation and determination, as it stretches as far as 16km in length. Take your best walking shoes along for this scenic walk and explore the different rocks, stones and pebbles along the way.

After a long but enthralling walk, you can even find a neighbouring cliff-side beach, where you can not only admire the clear blue waters from afar, but from close up on a swimming adventure.


A holiday to Greece isn’t just about enjoying the sizzling heat, but seeing the wondrous sights it has to offer, starting with the fantastic island of Santorini. Located around the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, Santorini is the perfect place to embark on unforgettable sightseeing adventures.

Many visit this famous island for its authentic Greek buildings, breath-taking hilltop views and intimate settings. Holidaymakers even choose to honeymoon in Santorini. Explore the romantic Imerovigli village, jump on the Santorini Cable Car, or watch the sunset with your loved ones at the Akrotiri Lighthouse.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is famed for its history, being the first lighthouse in Greece. Surrounded by clear blue waters and perched on the cliff’s edge, this wondrous lighthouse offers holidaymakers and locals alike a panoramic view of southwest Santorini, located 18 kilometres from Santorini’s popular capital.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thira is perfect for history buffs, displaying archaeological finds from Grecian village, Akrotiri, alongside a diverse range of ancient artwork, from weaponry to painted ceramics.

Stadium at Olympia

Neighbouring the Archaeological Site of Olympia lies the famous Olympic stadium – Stadium at Olympia, which was once the hub for a diverse range of sporting events during the Ancient Olympic Games.

Locals and visitors alike would flock to watch their favourite Olympians competing. Now, you can walk through the famous arched entrance tunnel for yourself, and memorise the rush of excitement the Olympians once felt as they approached the main stadium.

The Stadium at Olympia is drenched in history, and although the remains are few and far between, what is left is truly remarkable; creating memories of a key part of Grecian history.

The Games would be held every two or four years, running over centuries. As well as it being the centre for sport and entertainment, the Olympic Games were also a religious ceremony, to honour demigods like Zeus. This is reflected in the location of this sight, situated east of the sanctuary of Zeus.

The Acropolis of Athens

A visit to the Acropolis of Athens is a must when sightseeing in Greece; its ancient history, architectural brilliance and magical location, makes for a memorable day out, especially for travellers interested in Greece’s fascinating history.

The Acropolis of Athens is a rustic fortress comprised of the fascinating remains of several ancient and architecturally-advanced buildings, all steeped on a rocky ridge above the famous city of Athens. All of the monuments here are symbolic of the orthodox spirit, culture and civilisation, and consequently form a range of remarkable art and architecture.

The views from this iconic Greek fortress are unforgettable, and travellers can even venture up here at night time to overlook Athens city alight, far and wide. Guided tours are available to all travellers, or venture up there yourself for a personalised sightseeing adventure.

Discover the Parthenon temple, built by Ictinus – perhaps the most famous monument featured at the Acropolis, standing as a testimony to ancient Greece.


Thessaloniki is a beautiful port city in Greece, boasting a vibrant atmosphere, famous sights, historic buildings and a beautiful waterfront area, which is perfect for sightseeing, walking and cycling. Thessaloniki is actually the second largest city in the whole of Greece, making a day trip over here a must.

The diverse neighbourhoods in Thessaloniki are steeped in history and culture; even walking down the winding streets here is magical. Wander through the historic district, Ano Poli, located just above the modern town and admire the local attractions, from the Vlatades Monastery to the Trifgoniou Tower.

The Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki is a particular sightseeing highlight; its ancient and traditional structure is both impressive and fascinating to view up close. The famous White Tower is another reason to day trip over to Thessaloniki. This impressive monument, with its imposing structure has become the city’s trademark and is a real symbol of history in Thessaloniki.