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Scuba diving, Zakynthos

Dive deep into the clear aqua waters with the wide variety of scuba diving activities available in Zante. For an adventure of a lifetime, head to the Diving Centre Turtle Beach. Explore the impressive underwater landscapes, or discover the true beauty of Zante’s sea life, watching as they swim beautifully and freely under the smooth waves. Here, you can experience the true beauty of sea turtles, watching as they peacefully roam underwater.

Embark on a water adventure at Diving Paradise, which is located between Laganas and Kalamaki and can be found in Louis Zante Beach Hotel. Diving Paradise’s name describes this adventure perfectly and allows tourists to explore stunning underwater scenes. What’s particularly great about this experience is the chance to dive according to what you feel comfortable with. Whether you’re looking do dive right in, or ease yourself into this adventure, Diving Paradise offers you the chance to do either.