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Gerakas beach, Zakynthos

Zakynthos’ Gerakas beach is famous for its idyllic surroundings, including sparkling blue waters and fine, golden stretches of sand. The surrounding cliffs are an interesting asset to this majestic cove, famous for being naturally formed by clay. If you’re looking for a deluxe beach in Zante, Gerakas is the one for you. Even your usual sunbathing experience is transformed into a luxurious one, with chaise lounges available to hire, as well as the usual parasol to shade you from the sun’s heat.

Spot beautiful sea turtles climbing onto the golden beach at Gerakas beach. Visitors can actually watch turtles hatch eggs as they reach the sea. However, access is denied half an hour before and after sunset and dawn, to protect and feed these precious species. Zakynthos Marine Park actually protect this area of the beach, to ensure the turtles remain safe and sound while hatching eggs.