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Keri Beach, Zakynthos

The quiet and relaxing Keri Beach is perfect for tourists looking for a cosy, secluded beach to settle down on for the day. Many refer to Keri Beach as a tranquil haven that is better to admire, than sunbathe on, due to its pebbly surface. Located at both ends of the beach are tasty Tavernas, where you can take shade and enjoy a spot of lunch with a fantastic view.

The stunning scenery at Keri Beach is like no other in Zante, with green forest hills to appreciate and clear turquoise waters to dip your toes in. Rows of summer green trees are also dotted along the beach’s edge, so be sure to pack your camera ahead of your visit, to capture the unique beauty of this exotic location.

Why not hop on a boat trip to the nearby Harbour and experience the adventure this wonderful beach has to offer?