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Gourmet eateries, Zakynthos

If you are looking for fine dining, in Zante, you are in luck. Gourmet eateries can be found all over the island; serving up a wide variety of delicious cuisine, their service is also second to none.

Anadalis can be found in Argassi. This gourmet restaurant has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence thanks to its incredible menu and stunning ambience. This eatery is located right by the ocean, providing diners with a gorgeous sea view while they dine. Anadalis serves fresh seafood and Mediterranean delicacies, which are both fantastic to eat and look at – presentation is very important.

The Yard of Taste is an intriguing gourmet restaurant, giving an outdoors-indoors dining experience to visitors. Known for serving a healthy selection of dishes, Yard of Taste is located in Zante Town and also has a large selection of both vegan and vegetarian dishes. That being said, there’s plenty of meat on the menu, too.