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Navagio beach, Zakynthos

Located in a beautiful cove, Navagio Beach is located in Anafonitria and attracts a great many visitors each week, especially in the summer season. The beach itself offers spectacular sands to stroll on and is ideal for families to play on. The water is calm, clean and shallow so swimmers will be delighted.

Another reason tourists flock to Navagio Beach is to see the famous shipwreck. “Panagiotis” was wrecked in 1980 and, according to history, is believed to have been chased by the Greek Navy for carrying contraband cargo. The shipwreck is the focal point of the beach; located right in the middle of the golden sands, beach goers are able to walk right up to it, touch it and have their photograph taken with it.

There are also a great many cliffs to be explored by the cove, which provide those who aren’t afraid of heights with beautiful views of the beach, the ocean and beyond.