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Salt flats, Zakynthos

If you pay a visit to the lovely resort of Alykes, you will have the unique experience of seeing Zante’s famous Salt Flats. These Salt Flats were created after the Second World War, when the Greek government was in search of a suitable place to produce salt for the country. Alykes was one of several locations which were chosen as an appropriate place, thanks to its rich, flat land.

Zante’s Salt Flats were used to produce salt until 1980, when the government ruled that Alykes’ Salt Flats were not producing enough salt to warrant them staying open, so they were closed.

Today, the Salt Flats are a huge tourist attraction as a wildlife reserve. The reserve is filled with exotic birds and various insects. This interesting reserve is the perfect place for families to visit in the late afternoon, after the midday heat has passed by.