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Abandoned Jewish Cemetery tour, Budapest

The Jewish Cemetery is an important feature within Budapest’s history, and this monument contains many tales of the individuals that once lived here. The cemetery on Kozma street was established in 1874, taking a portion of the Kerepesi úti cemetery and revealing the city’s social and political history, dating back to this period.

Image source: Wikimedia. Copyright Rlevente

Travellers can expect to find beautifully crafted stonework in the Hungarian art nouveau style, which became popular before the start of the first world war. Béla Lajta designed many of the fascinating tombstones and buildings here, set amongst the trees and rich vegetation, which you can admire while taking a peaceful stroll around the site.

The Abandoned Jewish Cemetry is a great addition to The Holocaust Memorial Centre (as well as other sights and tours exploring the vast Jewish culture in bustling Budapest). A visit over here promises a different pace from the hustle and bustle of the city centre; providing a small slice of calm and tranquillity during your trip.