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There is a diverse range of exciting activities to treasure on Italy holidays. Enjoy historical visits to famous landmarks like the remarkable Trevi Fountain in Rome, or slip into your walking boots to climb the incredible Mount Vesuvius. Why not discover Italy’s awe-inspiring landscapes horse riding across scenic Sardinia? Alternatively, you could sail along the glittering ocean waters on boat tours around the amazing Amalfi Coast.

Boat Tours

Boat tours are a great way to explore Italy’s glorious coastline and lakes. There is a wide variety of tranquil water tours available, taking you on day trips and excursions to visit islands and grottos, all while hopping on and off at different spots along the coast.

The Cinque Terre is one destination to that needs to be seen by the water; hop on a boat in La Spezia and gaze at the multicoloured houses perched on the cliff tops, as well as the scenic winding roads, which make for a picture-perfect view.

Just south of Naples is the Amalfi coast, and its stunning beaches and incredible cliffs are best seen when sailing beside the white cliffs. Along the coast, you can visit incredible places like Sorrento and the mesmerising coloured grottos on Capri.

Many of the boat tours in Italy and especially the longer excursions often provide a picnic and wine, so you can savour local Italian food as well as wine straight from the vineyard while taking in some gorgeous sights.

Chianti Wine Trail

The Chianti Wine Trail, based in Florence, has endless tours for you to taste and try as you make your way through this incredible wine region filled with vineyards. This amazing experience takes you off the beaten track and wine experts will open up your taste buds to a whole world of delights.

These tours don’t just give you delicious wine to taste, but also get you involved with the whole process of making wine, from the fruit all the way to the bottle. This wine trail gives you a chance to see Italian culture, get involved with the locals and explore the glorious countryside of Tuscany.

You can also experience wine tours by bike and cycle up and down the rolling hills from one vineyard to the next, while leisurely enjoying some of the county’s most delicious vino in between. In the region, there are plenty of castles, olive groves and quaint towns along the way for you to discover, too.

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is made up five towns, all located along the shimmering Italian coast; famed for their beauty, colourful buildings and unique character. There are plenty of things to do all along this coast within the National Park and for many, it embraces all the things we love about Italy.

Make your way along the winding footpaths that connect each of these towns, and admire the idyllic countryside and lush greenery surrounding you. For the more adventurous, explore this exquisite region by bike, or jump on a boat and sail from one town to the next with ease.

There are plenty of places to enjoy the gorgeous weather, either at one of the many beaches or sipping wine at a sunny piazza. Be sure to wander around the markets and shops, or even take a cooking class in Monterosso al Mare, to get a real taste for Italy.

City hopping

City hopping is a great way to take in a diverse range of Italy’s most famous towns and cities; simply introduce yourself to this beautiful country or delve deeper into certain regions. You can city hop anywhere and everywhere you like by making your own itineraries and routes, or buying tickets which organise all of your travel, from each destination to the next.

Milan is a glamorous place to start and is easy to travel to from the UK; there is also a variety of great places in the north that are just a short journey away. Hop on a train to spend the day in Venice and take a romantic ride on a gondola, while making sure you catch the enchanting Venice Carnival (if you’re visiting in the winter months). Or, whisk your other half off to Verona, to see this quaint town and the balcony which features in Shakespeare’s famous play: Romeo and Juliet.

If you’re after history and classic Italian culture, head to Rome, which also offers easy access to the glorious beaches in the south, Naples and of course Sorrento.

Climb Mount Vesuvius

Climb Mount Vesuvius when you visit the Gulf of Naples in Campania and take in the history and beautiful sights of the ancient town of Pompeii close by. There are a number of options when it comes to climbing Mount Vesuvius; you can either hire a car and drive to the car park near the summit or get a bus ride to the bottom of the mountain path.

From the entrance of Mount Vesuvius, you can make it to the summit of the dormant volcano and back down within two hours and tour guides are easy to come across if you have any questions.

As you make your way up the rugged mountain trail, the views of the bay of Naples and the surrounding countryside will simply take your breath away. At the top, you will find cafe La Capannuccia, which is a welcome break from your hike. Enjoy a refreshing limoncello, (which is produced locally throughout the region) or a well-earnt glass of red wine, before making your way back down.


Cycling in Italy provides one of the most scenic and exciting rides in the whole of Europe. Whether you’re trundling around city centres taking in the most famous sights or embarking on cycling trips across Italy’s expansive countryside, there’s plenty to do and see on two wheels.

Seeing Italy by bike is a great way to avoid long drives; allowing you to immerse yourself in the landscape around you while offering you more vivid memories compared to a car journey.

In Florence, you can hire a bike to easily avoid the traffic and make your way from one place to the next with ease, to see great works of art and World Heritage Sites.

For longer cycle routes through the countryside, choose Tuscany for its rolling hills filled with mouth-watering Italian cuisine and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Or, for a more challenging ride, head to Sardinia or even the Dolomites for vigorous climbs through the hills and mountains.

Day trips

Day trips in Italy can take you away from the hustle and bustle of some of the most popular cities, showing you fascinating, beautiful and intriguing destinations, located just a stone’s throw away. Either plan your own trip, book before you go, or find out about the best destinations when you arrive.

From Florence, you can easily spend the day in the Chianti region, which encompasses so much of what we love about Italy: picture-perfect views, world-renowned wines, and ancient Romanesque churches.

Visit Caserta from Naples to see the royal palace that is said to be the Italian Versailles, roam around the many decadent rooms and the 300-acres of lush gardens, while taking in this grand palace.

If you’re in Milan, idyllic Lake Garda is easily accessible by train and you can grab lunch in the town, before heading to the beach by the side of the lake. The views from the water are spectacular; the mountain range in the distance verges on Switzerland and you can take in the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere.

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of Milan’s most loved sights. Every traveller needs to visit this iconic shopping mall and major landmark when passing through this magical city. Right next to Duomo di Milano in the centre of Milan, you can find incredible art galleries and the main square which holds many events throughout the year; it’s here you can find the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Inside this expansive shopping quarter, there are designer outlets and other clothing stores, as well as quaint cafes where you can order a premium coffee and tasty snack while taking in the beautiful surrounding architecture.

The interiors of this magnificent building are truly breathtaking, as you can gaze at the intricate structure and grand glass-domed ceiling, or admire the colourful mosaics under your feet. After exploring this landmark, make sure you head over to the Duomo di Milano for a grand tour.

Horse Riding in Sardinia

Horse Riding in Sardinia is the perfect way to explore the rolling hills, rivers and coasts of this beautiful Italian island. Many stables offer different kinds of excursions to suit your needs, so whether you want a relaxing afternoon hack in the sunshine or an all-day trek across the hills, you can find it in Sardinia.

Ditch four wheels on your Italian holiday and try out horse riding instead, to see this natural landscape from a whole different perspective. Wander down trails with your guide, splash in the ocean and enjoy the wildflowers and meadows along the way.

Guides in the area are often fluent in English, and the horses are incredibly well trained, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride. Whether you’re an experienced horse rider or this is your first time, this is an inclusive activity that travellers of all ages will love and enjoy; providing the perfect memory of your holiday in Italy.

The Flight of the Angel zip wire

If you’re looking for a more exciting way to take in the stunning scenery of Basilicata, then look no further than The Flight of the Angel zip wire. This adrenaline-inducing attraction allows travellers to fly above Basilicata on two high-speed zip lines, reaching speeds of almost 75 miles per hour and at heights of 3,300 feet.

The zip lines each travel between two mountain peaks, flying directly over Basilicata’s astounding valleys, the first zipline being the highest at 3,346 feet and the second being the fastest. Those who choose to brave these zip lines will be rewarded with spectacular, unobscured views of the valley below, making for the adventure of a lifetime.

You can even share the experience with a friend, partner or family member, as tandem harnesses are available, allowing you to enjoy the experience alongside your loved ones.

With high-altitude, high-speed thrills and natural beauty all to enjoy, The Flight of the Angel zip wire is an unforgettable experience.