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Activities, Italy

There is a diverse range of exciting activities to treasure on Italy holidays. Enjoy historical visits to famous landmarks like the remarkable Trevi Fountain in Rome, or slip into your walking boots to climb the incredible Mount Vesuvius. Why not discover Italy’s awe-inspiring landscapes horse riding across scenic Sardinia? Alternatively, you could sail along the glittering ocean waters on boat tours around the amazing Amalfi Coast.

Boat Tours

Boat tours are a great way to explore Italy’s glorious coastline and lakes. There is a wide variety of tranquil water tours available, taking you on day trips and excursions to visit islands and grottos, all while hopping on and off at different spots along the coast.


Chianti Wine Trail

The Chianti Wine Trail, based in Florence, has endless tours for you to taste and try as you make your way through this incredible wine region filled with vineyards. This amazing experience takes you off the beaten track…


Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is made up five towns, all located along the shimmering Italian coast; famed for their beauty, colourful buildings and unique character. There are plenty of things to do all along this coast within the National Park and for many, it embraces all the things we love about Italy.


City hopping

City hopping is a great way to take in a diverse range of Italy’s most famous towns and cities; simply introduce yourself to this beautiful country or delve deeper into certain regions. You can city hop anywhere and everywhere you like by making your own itineraries and…


Climb Mount Vesuvius

Climb Mount Vesuvius when you visit the Gulf of Naples in Campania and take in the history and beautiful sights of the ancient town of Pompeii close by. There are a number of options when it comes to climbing Mount Vesuvius…



Cycling in Italy provides one of the most scenic and exciting rides in the whole of Europe. Whether you’re trundling around city centres taking in the most famous sights or embarking on cycling trips across Italy’s expansive countryside, there’s plenty to do and see on two wheels.


Day trips

Day trips in Italy can take you away from the hustle and bustle of some of the most popular cities, showing you fascinating, beautiful and intriguing destinations, located just a stone’s throw away.


Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of Milan’s most loved sights. Every traveller needs to visit this iconic shopping mall and major landmark when passing through this magical city.


Horse Riding in Sardinia

Horse Riding in Sardinia is the perfect way to explore the rolling hills, rivers and coasts of this beautiful Italian island. Many stables offer different kinds of excursions to suit your needs…


The Flight of the Angel zip wire

If you’re looking for a more exciting way to take in the stunning scenery of Basilicata, then look no further than The Flight of the Angel zip wire. This adrenaline-inducing attraction allows travellers to fly…