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Chianti Wine Trail, Italy

The Chianti Wine Trail, based in Florence, has endless tours for you to taste and try as you make your way through this incredible wine region filled with vineyards. This amazing experience takes you off the beaten track and wine experts will open up your taste buds to a whole world of delights.

These tours don’t just give you delicious wine to taste, but also get you involved with the whole process of making wine, from the fruit all the way to the bottle. This wine trail gives you a chance to see Italian culture, get involved with the locals and explore the glorious countryside of Tuscany.

You can also experience wine tours by bike and cycle up and down the rolling hills from one vineyard to the next, while leisurely enjoying some of the county’s most delicious vino in between. In the region, there are plenty of castles, olive groves and quaint towns along the way for you to discover, too.