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Blue Grotto, Italy

The Blue Grotto is a truly spectacular natural phenomenon – an ancient cave surrounded by and consisting of dreamy blue waters, in the northern coast of calming Capri. Simply purchase a ticket for a small fare from the floating ticket office to experience this natural wonder by boat, which speeds across the aqua blue waters and into the awe-inspiring grotto.

Be prepared to duck to see every inch of this miraculous cave. Then, once you enter the grotto, you will be astounded by its magical beauty. The walls here are bright blue from the beautiful reflection of the waters within the grotto, which is why many refer to this cave as a lava lamp, due to the lighting changes and varied colours.

Be sure to head to this wondrous sight on a sunny day, to enjoy the scenery and the grotto itself in all its glory and do remember, the grotto is closed in the winter months.