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Beaches, Jamaica

Jamaica holidays are all about kicking back and relaxing on a sun lounger, while overlooking the sparkling Caribbean sea waters. In fact, Jamaica’s beautiful beaches are the reason travellers flock to this magical country, year in, year out. Embark on snorkelling adventures and experience tropical fish swimming by your side. On an evening, watch the sun go down as you gather round a large beach bonfire, with reggae music filling your ears.

Boston Bay Beach

Boston Bay Beach is heavenly, famous throughout Jamaica for its astounding setting and tranquil environment. However, it has much more to offer than its sandy shoreline, glittering sea waters and relaxing sunbathing experience. In fact, Boston Bay is the birthplace of what Jamaica is most famous for – Jerk food.

This beach is home to the popular Portland Jerk Festival, where hundreds of local and regional jerk food stalls operate once a year, bringing the Jamaica community together, while giving travellers a real taste for Jamaica’s culture, music and of course, delicious Jerk cuisine.

Boston Bay Beach is also a prime surfing spot; well known by surfing communities far and wide. So, rent a surf board beforehand, which you can do as you step onto the beach. Visit here for just $3, a deal you should be sure not to miss, since other beaches can be higher in price, with less of the amenities than Boston Beach offers.

Calabash Bay Beach

Travellers book Jamaica holidays each year, firstly for the sizzling hot temperatures; secondly for the exotic, idyllic beaches which dot the coastline here.

For a secluded beach break in Jamaica, Calabash Bay is the perfect spot. Calabash Bay Beach is an exotic, mesmerising beach, located in St. Elizabeth. Calabash Bay Beach presents views of absolute paradise. So, whether you choose to sunbathe, take a stroll along the beachfront or swim in the aqua blue waters, there’s plenty to do when venturing over here. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this relaxing and tranquil beach; simply take in the beautiful surroundings on your Jamaica holiday as you sunbathe.

Drink traditional Jamaican rum while you soak up the sun, from one of many beach shacks located nearby. Other nearby amenities range from various villas and resorts, as well as neighbouring bars and restaurants, sourcing delicious local cuisine. Taste the delectable jerk shrimp at Jack Sprat’s, or take a boat ride over to Little Ochie.

Cardiff Hall Beach

Cardiff Hall Beach, located in Jamaica’s coastal town, Saint Ann is a truly magical beach, featuring blissfully-soft sands, a clean shoreline and dazzling turquoise waters from the Caribbean Sea.

Often, Jamaican beaches require an entry free. However, this gem of a beach is free of charge, and yet the quality is certainly not compromised. This unspoilt, clean and simply enchanting beach is the perfect spot for avid sunbathers, and sightseers looking to discover and explore Jamaica’s natural beauty.

Head over to Cardiff Hall Beach during the week if you can; it’s likely you’ll have the beach all to yourself, since many tourists and locals tend to venture here over the weekend. To get there, hire a car and drive through to Cardiff Hall Beach. However, the highway you cross over to get there does have a toll charge. Our advice? Carpool with friends you’re travelling with, or have made friends with along the way to reduce the cost.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Explore idyllic surroundings, scenic views and the ultimate Jamaican sunbathing experience, at Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay. Swaying palm trees line the beach, adding that true Jamaican touch to an already blissful resort.

At Doctor’s Cave there are plenty of nearby amenities, ranging from a grill bar, restaurant, internet café and a hub for water sports, as well as snorkelling gear, towels, beach chairs and sun loungers to rent nearby. Not forgetting the ideal location of Doctor’s Cave Beach, which sits in the middle of Montego Bay’s ‘Hip Strip’ – Gloucester Avenue.

Back in 1906, when Dr. Alezander James McCatty donated his beach property to establish a bathing club in Montego Bay, this idyllic beach could be accessed through a cave. However, in 1932 this historic cave was destroyed by a hurricane. So, Jamaica holidays and the beaches that feature here are rooted in history, as well as their infatuating sights and turquoise waters.

Frenchman’s Cove

Are you looking to sip on punchy, fruity cocktails under the sizzling sun while embracing glittering turquoise waters? Well, Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio is certainly the beach for you. Enjoy this sublime natural treasure, which combines the luxury and allure of both the jungle and the sea.

Whether you’re an avid activity seeker or sunbather, this beach caters to your every need.

Surf atop the perfectly-formed waves on this enchanting beach, or relax on your sun lounger until the sun goes down.

Frenchman’s Cove is where the river meets the ocean, and though smaller than some of Jamaica’s other beaches, it is still a prized and popular beach location that is definitely worth visiting on your Jamaica holiday. As most beaches in Jamaica require an entry fee, Frenchman’s Cove is available to enter for $10, but not to worry; you can make the most of this sublime beach all day long, and come and go as and when you please.

Mammee Bay Beach

Take a 15-minute drive from Ocho Rios to arrive in paradise at Mammee Bay Beach, where you can take in the vast, wide views of the magical Ocho Rios coastline. Sit back and relax as you watch the tide ripple in and out, and enjoy fresh shrimp, lobster and other fresh seafood from nearby eateries dotted around the beachfront.

The neighbouring bar and restaurant, The Bamboo Beach Club is the perfect place to reside in for a delicious lunchtime or evening meal, after a long day of sunbathing on this tranquil beach. Even better, as daytime draws to an end and darkness falls, visitors can dance under the stars to reggae music, or sit around enchanting bonfires on the sandy shore.

In fact, every night is bonfire night at Mammee Bay Beach. So, meet up with friends and family, or other holidaymakers you’ve met on your Jamaica holiday to gather round the bonfire and share stories about your getaway so far.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica is heaven on earth; this paradise beach is not only beautiful to admire once you’ve arrived, but on your journey over there, too. Drive from Montego Bay to Negril to experience the best scenic views of this stunning coastline, and be sure to pack your camera for your journey.

So, what makes this beach stand out from the crowd? Well, the panoramic ocean view at Seven Mile Beach is simply unforgettable; you can enjoy the smooth white sands between your toes, while overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters flushing in and out onto the seabed.

Not only is this beach a prime sunbathing spot, but it’s also popular for the nearby amenities and more importantly, the wide range of water sport activities available to experience. Skim the waters on a jet-ski, kayak across the waters, share a glass-bottom boat beach ride, hop on a Catamaran cruise or rent a banana boat – there’s plenty to keep you busy at Seven Mile Beach.

Silver Sands Beach

On your Jamaica holiday, head over to the beautiful Silver Sands Beach in Duncan’s Bay.

Silver Sands is a public beach, meaning any holidaymaker can venture over here for a day filled with sunbathing and water sports.

The turquoise waters which feature at this beach are truly astounding, drawing you into Jamaican’s exotic settings and surroundings. Lifeguards are also present on the beach, making this a prime location for families with children wanting to partake in local water sports.

Eateries and bars dot the shore at Silver Sands, so you can stay on the beach all day long, without having to worry about where to eat and drink later on in the day. Leroy’s bar is a particular tourist hot spot, serving up tasty snack-bar food near to the beach.

As well as the lively atmosphere by day, by night Silver Sands Beach becomes a vibrant event space, where travellers and locals alike gather to sing on karaoke, line dance, or relax and socialise by a freshly-lit bonfire.

The Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach

Located on the western coast of Jamaica, in Montego Bay lies Jamaica’s blissful Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach. This magical Caribbean shore wows travellers year after year, thanks to its secluded location and idyllic setting.

The Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach offers everything a traveller could want out of a Jamaica holiday – soft white sands, warm calming seas and not forgetting the neighbouring rum bars with lively local reggae music playing.

You’ll never run out of things to do at Cornwall Beach either, so you can keep active during your sunny Jamaica holiday. Go on a snorkelling adventure, or enjoy other water sports on offer here, including a ride on an escorted speed boat.

Our top tip: head over here at sunset and watch the sun sink into the sky as you relax on the shore, and grab some local food and an ice cold beer as you take in the view.

Winnifred Beach

Coined as one of the best beaches in Jamaica, Winnifred Beach is truly mesmerising, featuring golden sands, calming and glittering turquoise waters and a magical offshore coral reef, which invites travellers to snorkel and swim with the local sea life.

Winnifred Beach is the closest thing to paradise in Jamaica; this beach really does look like the pictures in a holiday brochure, thanks to its wide waters, unspoilt sand and swaying palm trees which dot the coastline.

Jamaican charm fills this beach, too, which can be seen from the on-site huts and eateries. Take Isi Corner as a prime example of Jamaican culture; this clothes and jewellery stall sits on the beach to serve holidaymakers looking for beach-side swimming adventures, ball games and a choice of beach attire, all sold from a friendly local lady named Isilda.

Alternatively, at the far end of the beach, near the fresh water pond lies Delroy’s bar, serving up local, thirst-quenching refreshments to keep you hydrated during prime sunbathing time.