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Food and Drink, Jamaica

Jamaica offers a wide variety of tasty cuisine to try, ranging from fresh fish to traditional jerk chicken, which you can enjoy either from your sun lounger and at a quirky restaurant by the beach. Enjoy delicious Jamaican touches to everyday cuisine, as well as sumptuous Caribbean lobster, seasoned with local spices and lime.

Fireman’s Lobster Pit

When you dine at the Fireman’s Lobster Pit in Negril, you don’t just get a meal, you get an experience you will never forget. That experience is the freshest seafood you are ever likely to eat.

The Fireman’s Lobster Pit is legendary for its fresh lobster and crab dishes; grilled to perfection, the restaurant uses a fiery blend of spices to create each dish from scratch. The dish is prepared right in front of your eyes; it’s fun to watch such culinary perfection being created – it’s even more fun to eat, too.

Whether you’re calling in for a spot of lunch or for a main meal in the evening, the staff are exceptionally friendly and only too happy to talk you through the menu. Select from a wide range of out of this world seafood dishes, which are guaranteed to make you return to this eatery before your Jamaica holiday comes to an end.

Jamaica Food and Drink Tours

If you are in search of the finest Jamaican cuisine, your best bet of experiencing the greatest range is to book yourself on a Jamaican food and drink tour. Thankfully, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to searching for a tour.

Led by experienced and friendly guides, who are certain to keep you entertained between venues, Jamaican food and drink tours take you to the heart of the Caribbean culinary world. These tours promise a varied selection of food and drink to sample, ensuring that all holidaymakers find something to suit their palette.

As you travel from place to place, your guides will fill you in on the historical significances of each location, ensuring you are satisfied, both culturally and culinarily. The guides are happy to answer all your questions, both about the locations and the food, and ensure any dietary requirements are attended to. Don’t miss your chance to taste traditional Jamaican food in the finest locations.

Jamaican Nightlife

Looking for a night on the town? You haven’t lived until you’ve tried out the Jamaican nightlife. From exotic bars, serving up some of the most imaginative and sweet cocktails around, to buzzing nightclubs, to authentic reggae dance halls, Jamaica holidays promise not to disappoint those looking to let their hair down and cut loose in the evenings.

The Jungle is the epitome of Jamaican good time. This dance hall is a massive hit with tourists from all over the world, as well as locals, offering reggae beats and other jams for dance lovers to groove to.

Alternatively, you could head to Floyd’s Pelican Bar. This shack on the sea requires a boat trip to be reached, but the experience is well worth the journey. While it’s a great place to visit in the evening, most people prefer day visits, so they can take in the glorious views this venue has to offer.


Authentic jerk dishes and ice-cold drinks away those who travel to Margaritaville. Situated across seven different Caribbean locations, Margaritaville is named after Jimmy Buffett’s famous country song and provides you with an authentic taste of island life. It has been awarded the best entertainment venue and the best nightlife awards for the whole of the Caribbean.

Jamaica’s Margaritaville can be found in Montego Bay. Aside from the 120-foot waterslide, water trampolines and a whole range of other attractions, the world-class cuisine is to die for. Ranging from island-inspired bites to full meals, the cuisine at Margaritaville is among some of the best to be found anywhere in Jamaica.

As you dine, you can take in the spectacular ocean views of the crystal-clear waters which wash up on Montego Bay. This makes for a tropical paradise during the day and a romantic haven in the evenings.

The seaside nightclub gives you the chance to dance to some of the catchiest reggae beats in the Caribbean.

Murphy’s West End

For the finest traditional Caribbean and seafood cuisine, make sure you call into Murphy’s West End Restaurant. This gourmet eatery, located in Negril, ensures that each dish is prepared, cooked and presented with the utmost love and care. Experience authentic Caribbean food, cooked by world-class chefs and served like a work of art.

An enormous range of seafood, from prawns, to lobster, to calamari, is on offer. There’s also vegetarian dishes, rice dishes and so much more besides. This eatery has a buzzing atmosphere; the terrace makes for a lively and vibrant place to dine in the evening. Red lights illuminate the venue to give it a club-style atmosphere and the bar is also lit up like a Christmas tree.

The staff are very friendly and attentive, which is one of the reasons visitors on Jamaica holidays come back time and again in the same trip. Make memories and enjoy one of the finest meals you will ever eat by booking a table when you visit Jamaica.

Office Of Nature

Situated in Bloody Bay, Negril, Office of Nature offers freshly cooked seafood, served up with a delicious ocean view. A favourite with locals and tourists alike, freshly caught sea food is cooked to order, meaning you get nothing but the freshest of the fresh when you order a meal here.

Crab and lobster dishes are particular favourites with visitors, and come served with a wide variety of mouth-watering sides. A mere shack on the beach, it is a very unassuming eatery, but the food and fabulous reviews speak for themselves – this is not to be missed if you are a lover of shellfish.

Get a true taste of Caribbean cuisine on your Jamaica holiday and watch your meal be cooked in pots over a real log fire stove. Tradition and presentation are at the heart of Office of Nature’s service. The eatery takes its name from the fact that it is located in the outdoors, right on the beach.

Pelican Bar

A bar in the middle of the ocean – what could be better? Floyd’s Pelican Bar is exclusive for just one reason, you need to take a boat to get to it. Situated in the middle of the sea, this rickety shack is one of the most loved bars in all of Jamaica.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Mararie.

Another quirk of this bar is that it’s actually more popular during the day than in the evening; probably, in no small part down to the fact that you can enjoy the panoramic sea views in the day. It doesn’t matter if you fancy an exotic cocktail or an ice cold beer, Floyd’s Pelican Bar caters to all tastes, also providing a variety of tasty snacks.

You can also swim close to the pier in the crystal-clear waters surrounding it, although it’s advisable to order a drink when you’re finished enjoying the water, not the other way around.

Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café in Negril is actually a bar and restaurant, but most visitors are there for the incredible, breath-taking sunsets. Situated at the top of a 35-foot high cliff in the west of Jamaica, Rick’s Café overlooks the ocean and offers some of the most incredible sunsets to be viewed anywhere in the Caribbean. There’s nothing more romantic than dining with your special someone as you watch the sun go down over the ocean.

A house band is there to play reggae music, so enjoy a cold beer as you listen to some fantastic live music in the background. The perfect Jamaican atmosphere.

As for the menu, select from the likes of chicken tenders, buffalo wings and salsa and chips. Aside from a fantastic selection of vegetarian options, there is also a wide and wonderful variety of meat and fish dishes to be tasted, too. The drinks menu is varied and offers everything from beer, to wine, to cocktails.

Rockhouse Restaurant

Traditional Caribbean cuisine, seafood or international favourites, Negril’s Rockhouse Restaurant has it all. Jamaican holidays are all about trying something new, but it’s always nice to have the option of some home favourites.

Dine on the patio, which is particularly spectacular in the evening, illuminated by beacons and strings of lightbulbs to create a cosy and vibrant atmosphere.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, Rockhouse Restaurant will prepare a special treat for you. The breakfast menu boasts everything from fry-ups, to porridge, to Jamaican specials.

The drinks menu is packed with everything from cocktails, to wine, to international beers and soft drinks.

A takeaway service is also available, so if you fancy taking your fresh food back to the hotel or eating a smaller dish as you stroll along the seafront, feel free. Rockhouse Restaurant is also wheelchair accessible, has free Wifi and has highchairs for children.

Traditional Jamaican food

What holiday to Jamaica would be complete without tasting traditional Jamaican cuisine? There’s plenty of Caribbean restaurants in the UK, but you can’t beat the real thing. Thankfully,’s Jamaica holidays give you the chance to sample the finest of authentic Jamaican food, ranging from cheap eateries to the finest Jamaican restaurants.

Try Bammy, a favourite food with tourists from all over the world. This bread is made from grated cassava and salt, which is then fried on a skillet; fried straight up or pre-soaked in coconut milk – it’s a portion of deliciously sweet food for breakfast.

If you want something a little healthier, why not opt for some callaloo? This dark green leaf plant can grow as high as two feet; similar to spinach, it is another food that’s perfect for breakfast. However, it is also a great complement to other meals.

Pepper pot soup, rice and peas, jerked chicken and a whole range of stews and curries are also waiting to be tasted.