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Whether you’re looking to embark on a scuba diving adventure or discovering some ancient history at the National Archaeology Museum, there’s plenty to do on your Malta holiday. Feed the turtles at Mediterraneo Marine Park and visit the fascinating creatures homed in the reptile park. Or, take the kids out and discover Malta’s local sea life and learn about their origins, at the charming Malta National Aquarium.


Aquatica is the place to go during your Malta holiday if you are looking to indulge in a spot of scuba diving. Located in St. Paul’s Bay, Aquatica is a five-star dive centre and offers a full range of services.

Take a diving excursion to discover some incredibly interesting wrecks, most of which are related to the Second World War. Night diving gives you the chance to see some of the rarest sea creatures and explore the underwater world like never before. Alternatively, there are also plenty of day trips to take part in, where you can take up to three dives in one day.

Aquatica also offers plenty of courses to help beginners take their first plunge into the mysterious and beautiful waters surrounding Malta. There is no better time than a Malta holiday to finally get that diving qualification you’ve always dreamed of having.

Birdpark Malta

Open to the general public, Birdpark Malta can be found in Salina. Bird lovers from all over the world flock to this park every year to view the enormous range of birds that live her. In fact, Birdpark Malta is home to over 200 species of birds and other animals from every corner of the globe.

If you visit this attraction, you will have the opportunity to learn all about the different species, their habitats, songs and calls, territory and much more. View the likes of flamingos, parrots, owls, pelicans and many more.

Birdpark Malta is also home to a range of reptiles and mammals, which live quite harmoniously with their feathered friends. This park is the first of its kind in Malta, making it a very popular attraction for all ages, offering a recreational and educational day out for all the family. Be sure to book a trip while you are on the island.

Blue Lagoon

Malta’s Blue Lagoon can be found on the picturesque and sparsely populated island of Comino, between Malta and the Island of Gozo. This miracle of nature is probably the small island’s biggest draws, with tourists never missing the chance to sail and swim in the breathtakingly beautiful blue waters.

Evidence of its popularity is how the Blue Lagoon is known to get very busy during the tourist season, so it is advisable that you arrive early or visit out of season. However, there is a designated area by the shore for swimmers to bask in the crystal blue waters, while those who want to take a boat trip can travel further afield to take in the lagoon’s natural beauty.

The island of Comino is home to a very small number of inhabitants, primarily farmers, so you can enjoy the sandy beaches and stroll along the unspoilt cliffs while you are there.

Bugibba Water Park

Bugibba Water Park makes for a fun-packed adventure for visitors of up to 12 years old. Located in Bugibba in the Northern Region of Malta, the water park can be found right by the sea front, putting you in the mood for getting your feet wet before you’ve even set foot on the premises.

It is free to enter and is supervised to ensure that safety is enforced while the little ones are having the time of their lives. Bugibba Water Park is home to a wide selection of water features, including water canons, sprinklers, showers, tipping buckets and many more.

This is the ideal place to bring the kids and give them the chance to splash around, uninhibited. It is also the perfect location for them to make some new friends during their Malta holiday. The water park is handy for a range of eateries, as well as the beach, so you can take in this attraction as part of a full family day out.

Calypso Cave

Situated on the Island of Gozo, Calypso Cave overlooks the island’s beautiful red sands of the beach. As with many caves, Calypso Cave is shrouded in mystery and myth; it is believed to be the cave once referred to by Homer the Odyssey, where Calypso, the beautiful nymph, kept Odysseus as a prisoner of love for seven years. If you have a love of Greek mythology, you can’t afford to miss taking a trip to Gozo to visit Calypso Cave.

The interior of the cave has been preserved in its natural beauty, without any fancy lighting or guided tours, but this enhances the rural charm. Located high on the hills, Calypso Cave offers incredible views of Ramala Bay below, allowing visitors to look out at the vast horizon beyond the ocean and the magnificent beach.

There is, however, a gift shop by the cave so you can purchase a keepsake to remember your trip to this iconic location on the Island of Gozo.

Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium offers you an experience like no other on the island. It is an enthralling, fun and educational day out for all the family, giving everyone the chance to learn more about life under the sea.

The Malta National Aquarium is split into several zones, each one boasting rare sea life and other artefacts. Zone 1 is home to a submarine – a replica of HMS Stubborn, used during WW2 – and an enormous range of Mediterranean species. Moving onto Zone 2, the Valletta Harbour, you will find more local sea life as well as a beautiful mural of Malta’s gorgeous harbour.

View a range of tropical fish in Zone 3, including blowfish and angelfish, before visiting ancient Rome in Zone 4. Other zones let visitors see an even greater variety of beautiful sea life. The museum is open every day, giving holidaymakers plenty of opportunity to visit. Once there, you can also dine at the La Nave Bistro, on site, which is open until 10pm.

Mediterraneo Marine Park

Is it your dream to swim with dolphins? If so, Mediterraneo Marine Park could make your dream come true during your holiday to Malta. As long as you are at least 8 years old, the chance of a lifetime, to swim with a dolphin, awaits you at Mediterraneo Marine Park.

There is also a programme for those who don’t feel confident in the water, where supervisors will show you how to touch and communicate with dolphins. This allows you to get close to these beautiful creatures, without having to get in the water. Alternatively, you could stroke a sea lion as you learn more about their conversation patterns of this very social and cute animal.

While at Mediterraneo Marine Park, you can also hold and feed the parrots as you learn more about them. Why not feed the turtles, too? The reptile house lets you take the chance to hold snakes, lizards and other cold blooded animals for the first time.

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National Archaeology Museum

Malta’s National Museum of Archaeology can be located in the Auberge de Provence on Republic Street, in Valletta. The building itself is a gorgeous example of Baroque architecture, dating all the way back to 1571, and houses are great many rare artefacts, some of which date back to the Neolithic period (5000 BC).

Visitors have the chance to see tools used by prehistoric people to get through their daily tasks. There is also work which demonstrates the artistic skill of the first inhabitants on the island of Malta, as well as giving you an insight into their day to day lives.

The National Museum of Archaeology lets you immerse yourself in the early history of Malta, as well as prehistory. This unique display of artefacts makes this museum a must-visit attraction for anyone with an interest in geography or history. The museum is open every day and there is only a small entry fee.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Malta makes for an exhilerating, interesting and memorable activity. This is why divers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the island every year, to explore the beautiful blue waters surrounding Malta. It is also the reason why countless beginners decide to learn how to scuba dive during their Malta holiday, so they don’t miss any of the action.

Take a trip under the sea to discover the various shipwrecks that can be found below the surface of Malta’s coastline. Most of these ships date back to the Second World War; because it is prohibited for divers to remove artefacts or parts of the vessels, these wrecks are remarkably well preserved.

Scuba diving at night gives seasoned divers the opportunity to see some of the most exotic and rare sea life in the world, which is only visible at night. There are many companies that run diving excursions to the most interesting points around Malta, so be sure to check out the nearest one to you.

Water Sports

The island of Malta is surrounded by crystal blue ocean, making it the perfect place for holidaymakers to indulge in a wide range of water sports. If you are in the mood to go kayaking, the Island of Gozo makes for the perfect location, offering kayak tours for holidaymakers of all ages and abilities, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their adventure in the sea.

The waters off that lap onto the beaches of Malta are ideal for surfers, with thousands of surf boards hitting the waves every year on the island. A little further out, you can indulge in the likes of wind surfing and parasailing. Speedboat trips are also popular pastimes around the island, giving you the chance to zoom through the crystal blue waters.

Diving is available at many ports and locations, allowing you to explore shipwrecks and discover a whole range of exotic sea life in its natural habitat.