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Food and Drink, Malta

Whether you’re fancying a deliciously seasoned stew, spicy garlic prawns or cheese and meat filled tarts, the Maltese cuisine suits all tastes. The restaurant scene in Malta is varied, offering holidaymakers plenty of choice, from sophisticated diners to quirky cafes. Soft and fluffy Maltese bread is a specialty and is served with every meal. Malta is also filled with many excellent beachfront bars, Paradise Exiles in Silema is a favourite among tourists for its tasty food, ice cold cocktails and spectacular ocean views.

Beachfront bars

Malta is home to many beachfront bars, which provide you with much more than just a great selection of drinks to choose from and fantastic food. Experience the true magnificence of a Maltese sunset while you enjoy a cocktail overlooking the ocean; it’s one of the most romantic ways to spend an evening. Alternatively, call in at one of the many beachfront bars for lunch and grab a cold drink to get out of the heat while you are on the beach.

Paradise Exiles in Silema is often cited as the best beachfront bar in Malta. Sitting right on the beach, this eatery has plenty of outdoor seating and serves everything from exotic drinks to cold lager and bottled water. More importantly, it offers patrons a stunning view of the ocean, letting you watch the boats pull in and out of the nearby port.

For some hearty food, be sure to call in at the Surfside Bar & Grill, which serves a great range of hot and cold food and also boasts a delightful sea view.

Cheap places to eat

While Malta is home to a broad range of exclusive and sophisticated restaurants, there are also plenty of cheap places to eat on the island. These eateries can be found all over Malta and offer fantastic food and great service for a very reasonable price.

For a quick sandwich, place your order at The Submarine. Serving enormous sub-sandwiches, this is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat that will sustain you for the whole afternoon. A big plus is the fact that it’s great food without a hefty bill.

Made in Sud serves very appetising homemade pizzas, which follow traditional Italian recipes and are available to be ordered at very low prices. If you are wondering what a chocolate pizza tastes like, now is your chance to find out.

For some delicious Mediterranean cuisine at a great price, head to Piadina Caffe. The intimate atmosphere makes for a friendly dining experience and the food is absolutely exquisite.

Corinthia Palace Hotel

Renowned the world over as being one of the very finest hotels in all of Malta, the Corinthia Palace Hotel is home to a fabulous restaurant that serves spectacular world class food morning, noon and night.

The formal dining room within the Corinthia Palace Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy some fine dining during your Malta holiday. Surrounded by fine artwork and towering pillars, you get a real sense of class and sophistication when dining at this hotel. The menu is very varied and promises to cater for all tastes, from vegetarians to those who are in the mood for a fantastic steak.

There is also a bar by the pool, which is surrounded by beautiful plant life and makes for an incredibly picturesque setting. Grab a cocktail or order a bottle of wine and sit at one of the tables by the pool to take in the tranquil ambience.

de Mondion Restaurant

If you are in the mood for some fine dining during your visit to Malta, you should make sure you book a table at de Mondion Restaurant. Located in Mdina, this eatery is famed for serving up delectable dishes and providing an unbelievably beautiful panoramic view of Malta’s countryside. This view is very romantic, particularly in the early evening, and is no doubt one of the reasons why de Mondion Restaurant makes such a popular venue for weddings.

The menu is loaded with a range of dishes, all of which are served like works of art on the plate and use only the freshest ingredients. There is a mouth-watering array of fish and meat dishes on the menu, as well as a great selection for vegetarians, too. There is also a dessert menu that is impossible to resist.

The service is first rate, with very attentive staff ensuring that your dining experience is the best it can possibly be.

Guze Bistro

Located in the heart of Valletta in a 16th century building, Guze Bistro exudes class and sophistication. Call in for lunch and pick from a varied menu that contains everything from prawn cocktail to wild boar.

To enjoy a heart evening meal, patrons of Guze Bistro can choose from a wide range of dishes, from steak to rabbit. Guze Bistro also caters to vegetarians and vegans, ensuring that every diner’s experience is flawless. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and waiters are on hand to offer advice as to which bottle would best complement your food.

The freshest seafood can also be found here. Each dish is lovingly prepared like a work of art to ensure that your cuisine looks every bit as delicious as it tastes.

Booking in advance is advised as Guze Bistro is known to get very full, particularly in the tourist season, such is the demand for their food.

Kantra Beach Club

For fantastic food, a wonderful atmosphere and an unparalleled view of the ocean, you should make sure you pay a visit to the Kantra Beach Club. Located right on the coast in Sannat, this beach club gives diners one of the finest views of any eatery in Malta.

With a menu that is packed with Mediterranean delicacies and fresh seafood, the cuisine is well worth the journey to eat at the Kantra Beach Club. Oysters are a popular dish here, as are the king prawns and seabass. The dessert menu is also to die for.

However, the biggest draw to the Kantra Beach Club is the view; overlooking the sea, it makes for one of the most romantic and naturally beautiful backdrops to your meal at any time of the day or night. You can call in at Kantra Beach Club for a light lunch or book to eat a hearty meal later in the evening.

Local cuisine

Of course, no holiday to Malta would be complete unless you try some of the local cuisine. This island is home to a great deal of local cuisine that is full of rustic character, making for a delicious flavour that is very typical of the islands of the Mediterranean. This food can be found in various restaurants, bars and cafes all over the island; some stores also sell it for you to take home.

Maltese bread is something that people from Malta miss deeply when they go abroad. This fluffy white bread has a crunchy crust and a soft inside. It is served with countless meals, allowing you to ‘mop’ at the dinner table, so you are likely to have this served with your meal at most restaurants in Malta, too.

Rabbit is also a very famous dish in Malta. It is most commonly fried, often being served with pasta or tomato sauce. However, it is also found in many stews.

Lord Chambray Brewery

If you are in search of a wide range of quality beer during your holiday in Malta, the Lord Chambray Brewery is the only place to visit. This brewery has a passion for craft beer and offers tours to visitors who wish to learn more about the brewing process and the various types of beer made there. These guided tours are free and the staff are only too happy to answer any questions holidaymakers may have. Take a glimpse at the vats, bottling techniques and learn more about this ancient process.

Located in Xewkija, it is easily accessed by the Mgarr Road. A gift shop is located on site, selling everything from t-shirts, to glasses, to the beer itself. Of course, there is also a bar within the brewery, so you have plenty of opportunity to sample some of Lord Chambray Brewery’s produce during your visit – assuming you aren’t driving, of course.

New York Best

Open until late, New York Best is one of the most popular eateries in Malta. This eatery, located in Msida, this restaurant prides itself on its fantastic atmosphere, describing its best traits as “Upbeat. Confident. Attitude”. The lively and friendly ambience makes for a great place to dine, whether you are in search of somewhere to have breakfast or a venue to enjoy dinner in the late evening.

The no-frills cuisine is reasonably priced and serves plenty of delicious fast food including burgers, hot dogs and pizzas. It is also renowned for its fantastic milkshakes. Aside from these hearty and filling meals, there’s also a selection of sweets to choose from, rounding off your meal perfectly.

If you are heading there early in the morning, be sure to try the Eggs Benedict, best enjoyed with a refreshing cappuccino. There is also a wide selection of drinks on the menu, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Seafood restaurants

Seafood restaurants can be found all over Malta, serving the freshest fish, Mediterranean delicacies and boasting an excellent drinks menu.

La Reggia in Marsaxlokk is famed for being one of Malta’s finest seafood restaurants. All the ingredients are completely fresh, especially the fish, and the service is first rate. Tuna, prawns and seabass are just a few types of fish you can eat here; it is also located right by the harbour, making for a great view.

Alternatively, you could head to Rabat and book a table at Adelina. Home of Italian food and many seafood dishes, this is one of the most popular eateries in Malta and is also very reasonably priced.

For fine dining, you should head to Surf N Turf in Qawra. Although it may be a little pricier than many of Malta’s other seafood restaurants, the ambiance, service and exquisite food makes it worth every penny. With world-class chefs preparing each dish with great love and care, the fresh seafood dishes are to die for.