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Beachfront bars, Malta

Malta is home to many beachfront bars, which provide you with much more than just a great selection of drinks to choose from and fantastic food. Experience the true magnificence of a Maltese sunset while you enjoy a cocktail overlooking the ocean; it’s one of the most romantic ways to spend an evening. Alternatively, call in at one of the many beachfront bars for lunch and grab a cold drink to get out of the heat while you are on the beach.

Paradise Exiles in Silema is often cited as the best beachfront bar in Malta. Sitting right on the beach, this eatery has plenty of outdoor seating and serves everything from exotic drinks to cold lager and bottled water. More importantly, it offers patrons a stunning view of the ocean, letting you watch the boats pull in and out of the nearby port.

For some hearty food, be sure to call in at the Surfside Bar & Grill, which serves a great range of hot and cold food and also boasts a delightful sea view.