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Los Muertos, Mexico

Los Muertos is one of the liveliest beaches in Puerto Vallarta, being extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. This gorgeous sandy beach is the ideal place to swim and build sandcastles with the little ones. Why not try out parasailing, join in a beach game or just people-watch on your sun lounger?

There are plenty of amenities here, with many bars, cafes and restaurants serving a host of different foods and drinks, while the beach vendors sell everything you could possibly want, including massages, hair beading, tattoos and a copious selection of jewellery and trinkets.

The vibrant, energetic atmosphere of this beach makes it the ideal spot for those looking to take in the energetic culture of Puerto Vallarta while relaxing by the sea. This beach has also become a fashionable venue for gay guys across the globe.

In the evening, the beach bars are busy and full of life, but you can still enjoy a romantic, gourmet meal at one of the quieter restaurants if you wish, while watching one of the famous Vallarta sunsets.