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Half Moon Bay, Cancun

Half Moon Bay is about an hour and a half drive from bustling Cancún, so you can explore this gorgeous part of Mexico and see even more of the breathtaking coastline here. This breathtaking bay is certainly something to write home about, thanks to its distinctive half-moon shape, which makes it a truly picturesque part of the coastline. 

If you’re looking to get away from the party beaches and see some unique natural features, then Half Moon Bay is the ideal place for you. It is a great spot for a stroll to take in the tranquil views of the Caribbean Sea; there are many tour operators offering snorkelling trips here, too. Meanwhile, you can grab some food at one of the many restaurants scattered along the seafront.

There are condos and hotels dotted along the bay, but it is no way near as busy as many of the other beaches in Cancún, or in the surrounding area. So, you can spread out on the sands, without having to worry about busy tourist crowds.