Customer Service


Calypso’s, Cancun

Calypso’s transports visitors away from typical chain restaurants to a gorgeous, no-frills eatery, serving simple and honest food. Here, you are greeted with authentic Mexican flavours and welcoming hospitality as soon as you sit down to order.

You can choose anything from chips and salsa to fajitas with steak or chicken; simply pick what you fancy. Alternatively, if you’re looking for perfectly seasoned and spiced seafood, perhaps the grilled lobster or fish tacos are more up your street? Don’t forget the range of tasty cocktails, including the traditional margarita, which you can enjoy in the evening or with your meal.

This is a fantastic restaurant for lunch or dinner after spending a day in the Mexican sunshine. Calypso’s will certainly have you coming back for a refreshing cold beer, thanks to the tremendous service provided here and the friendly owner, who is always ready to greet you with a smile.